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Red pomelos like lipstick cost 150 thousand VND / fruit down the street, and extremely toxic goods attract customers

Grapefruits with natural red color and glossy and beautiful skin are being displayed and sold at the price of 100-150 thousand VND($6)/fruit.

As a popular fruit in our country, grapefruit is usually green or lemon yellow. However, at the 2nd Hanoi Festival of Agricultural Products and Crafts Villages in 2022, a strange pomelo with a red skin-like vermilion appeared, symbolizing luck and attracting many people’s attention.

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Red pomelos like lipstick cost 150 thousand VND / fruit down the street, and extremely toxic goods attract customers

Grapefruit has beautiful red skin like lipstick.

Mr. Luong Van Phuong, residing in Dong Cao village, Trang Viet commune (Me Linh, Hanoi) said that these are pomelos picked from the pomelo root of his family planted more than 60 years ago.

“In 1960, my father planted this pomelo tree. The tree usually gives fruit in August, but the longer it stays on the tree, the fruit turns from green to yellow, pinkish and bright red at the end of the year, the skin is smooth and beautiful, so the family calls it red pomelo.

Each red pomelo costs from 60-150,000 VND.($1=25,000 VND)

Seeing the strange and beautiful pomelo tree, people around the commune came to ask for cuttings to plant, red pomelo has since become a specialty of Dong Cao bringing economic value.

According to Mr. Phuong, the pomelo tree has been granted a code to maintain the precious genetic variety and select the top trees.

“This year, the pomelo tree has produced about 200 fruits, but now there are about 100 left, the price is from 100-150 thousand VND/fruit. In addition, the whole Dong Cao red pomelo cooperative has about 20 members with about 5,000-6,000 red pomelos to serve Tet 2023 with the selling price of 60-100 thousand VND/fruit,” shared Mr. Phuong.

Red pomelo is just one of hundreds of agricultural products on display at the second Hanoi Agricultural Products and Craft Village Festival in 2022.

A series of typical agricultural products and craft villages of Hanoi are displayed at this event.

With a scale of about 15,000 m2, the Hanoi Agricultural Product Festival and Craft Village are divided into main exhibition areas such as: Aquarium display area; Exhibition area for typical agricultural products and craft villages, OCOP products in Hanoi city; Food court; The display area for civil wood products and fine art furniture; The exhibition area for products of ceramics, rattan, bamboo, Giang dan…

Many products from other provinces and cities are also on display at this event.

The second Hanoi Agricultural Products and Craft Village Festival in 2022 will take place in 5 days, from December 14 to 18. The program attracted 273 units to display, introduce and promote products.

 Of which 153 units of 27 districts, towns of Hanoi and 92 units of 24 other provinces and cities, 28 units and enterprises. In addition, at the event, about 500 typical ornamental creatures of 15 provinces and cities in the North will be displayed at the event.

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