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Vietnam has one of the best opera houses in the world

The 10best Websites of the World Travel Awards - WTA organization recently announced the list of "Top 10 most wonderful opera houses in the world".

Hoan Kiem Lake Theater (Hanoi) is the only representative of Vietnam on this list. Not only that, but Hoan Kiem Lake Theater is also proud to be in the first position, standing shoulder to shoulder with world symbols, including Wiener Staatsoper theater in Vienna (Italy), New York's Metropolitan Opera (USA), Opéra de Paris - Paris (France), Teatro Alla Scala in Milan (Italy), The Bolshoi Theater - Moscow (Russia), Royal Opera House - London (UK), Teatro di San Carlo in Naples (Italy), Sydney Opera House of Sydney (Australia) and Teatro Colón theater in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

The opera houses on the list were selected based on their iconic status, magnificent design and unforgettable artistic experiences, a testament to the enduring appeal of the opera art form. Experts emphasize that these opera houses are not just mere performance venues but also meccas of art and music, a place imbued with the harmony of tradition and innovation.

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When browsing this list, visitors are immersed in the magnificent space of the world's most wonderful opera, "rendezvous". Experts consider each project a "lighthouse" of each country's brilliant cultural and architectural heritage and the world.

Hanoi's new cultural symbol, topping the list, has affirmed its potential and influence on a global scale. The recognition by world tourism experts has contributed to strengthening the position of Hoan Kiem Lake Theater and honoring the contributions of Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular to the field of global culture.

Hoan Kiem Lake Theater - located at the intersection of 4 major streets in the center of Hanoi, only 3 minute's walk from the "heart of the capital" - Hoan Kiem Lake, invested in construction and completed by the Ministry of Public Security and Hanoi City into "lightning speed" in just 22 months.

Inaugurated on July 9, this theater highlights ancient European architecture, exuding luxury and splendor from 52 monolithic stone columns imported directly from Spain, along with glass blocks and domes surrounding it. The lighting plan for the ceiling of the theater's main lobby is inspired by the starry night sky with a splendid lighting system, making the theater sparkle at night like a cathedral of art. However, each design detail of the lobby roof system and interior of the theater recreates a part of the history of the Vietnamese people through traditional patterns symbolizing Vietnamese culture.

The theater owns a system of modern technical infrastructure facilities, applying the world's leading technology in sound, lighting, and stage decoration..., with a main auditorium of up to 900 seats, a small concert hall with 500 seats, capable of meeting diverse performance requirements of many different art forms, including opera.

The theater's sound system is provided by Meyer Sound Laboratories (USA) - a sound equipment supplier for Broadway stages and theaters worldwide. At Hoan Kiem Lake Theater, Meyer Sound has installed the most modern sound equipment in the world, which is currently the company's pride: the Array and Constellation Speaker systems. There are currently only a very few theaters equipped with this system. Mr. John Pellowe - Project Director of Meyer Sound, emphasized: "Ho Guom Theater is in the top 5 theaters with the most modern sound systems in the world designed and installed by Meyer Sound."

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In addition to the world's most modern sound technology, the Hoan Kiem Theater's international standards also come from the modern hall and auditorium control system, which can transform spaces in a few minutes, allowing for changes. Changing different auditorium configurations on the same day helps organize events of different natures while optimizing space flexibly. The theater's lighting system has also reached a new level, meeting various art forms with unique performance spaces such as stage lighting, light to track the actors, and light to create artistic scenes.

Since its opening, Hoan Kiem Lake Theater has gradually become a familiar art destination for the capital's residents and tourists from all over the world, with many performances featuring famous domestic and foreign artists. 


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