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Vietnam Among Top Trending Spa Destinations for 2024

One of the primary findings from's annual Spa Trends Report for 2024 was that Vietnam had emerged as a top trending spa destination globally. The research measured percentage increases in Google search interest for various destinations around the world and found that searches for spas in Vietnam had risen by 85% year-on-year. This sharp uptick in interest placed Vietnam in a tie for third place on the list of the most popular upcoming spa locations internationally.


This high ranking reflects Vietnam's growing popularity as a wellness tourism spot, especially among those seeking exotic and nature-based spa experiences. The country has long traditions of massage and herbal treatments that have been finely honed over centuries. Vietnam also offers visitors spectacular natural backdrops like its lush tropical jungles, coastlines and islands - perfect settings for relaxing wellness retreats that allow complete rejuvenation of the mind and body.

Some of the factors driving Vietnam's rise as a premier Asian spa destination include its wide range of affordable treatment options rooted in traditional Vietnamese medicine. Popular regimens involve the skilled application of pressure using hands, elbows, knees and feet combined with herbal poultices, balms, compresses and essential oils. Regular massages are believed to boost circulation and flexibility while alleviating stress, pain and other bodily ailments. Other common techniques include bamboo massages that use heated bamboo sticks to work out knots in muscles.

Another draw is the integration of mindfulness practices like meditation into many wellness packages. Many high-end spas have been established near scenic mountains, beaches and national parks where guests can immerse themselves in natural surroundings between therapy sessions. This seamless blend of Vietnamese healing arts, innovative spa innovations and tranquil environs provides a deeply rejuvenating and re-energizing experience.

The tropical climate in Vietnam is also highly conducive for year-round spa getaways. Travelers can enjoy warm weather, lush landscapes and a wide array of indoor/outdoor wellness offerings no matter the season. Additionally, the relatively lower costs compared to other world-class spa locations in Asia make Vietnam an attractive choice.

Rank Country YoY increase in searches
1 Romania 233%
2 France 120%
=3 Qatar 85%
=3 Vietnam 85%
=5 China 84%
=5 Montenegro 84%
7 Canada 83%
8 Bulgaria 82%
9 Nepal 69%
=10 Poland 60%
=10 Tunisia 60%
12 Argentina 56%
13 Cambodia 52%
=14 Malta 52%
=14 Morocco 52%
=16 Croatia 51%
=16 Egypt 51%
=18 Austria 50%
=18 Latvia 50%
=18 Luxembourg 50%
=18 Netherlands 50%
=18 Thailand 50%

As a result of these compelling factors, Vietnam rightly finds itself poised as one of the most exciting emerging spa centers globally. Its homegrown healing philosophies practiced amid quintessential tropical beauty continue to draw growing numbers of visitors seeking rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit. With its well-deserved place near the top of trending spa ranks, Vietnam is fast becoming a premier wellness tourism destination of Asia.


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