World News in Brief: May 27

The annual meeting 2022 of the World Economic Forum (WEF) wound up on Thursday in the Swiss town of Davos, calling for closer global cooperation to

World News in Brief: May 24

The Philippines has revised its 2022 gross domestic product growth (GDP) target to 7.0%-8.0% from the previous range of 7.0%-9.0% to take into

World News in Brief: May 20

Japan will next month double its limit on foreign arrivals to 20,000 a day, the top government spokesperson said on Friday.

World News in Brief: May 19

The World Bank on Wednesday announced actions it plans to take as part of a comprehensive, global response to the ongoing food security crisis, with

World News in Brief: May 18

Cambodia on Tuesday launched the Tourism Recovery Co-Financing Scheme with capital funding of 150 million USD, aiming at supporting

World News in Brief: May 17

Thailand's economic recovery continued apace, with its gross domestic product (GDP) up 2.2 percent year on year in the first quarter, official data

Stride in the renewable energy market

NDO - The world will set a new record in terms of renewable electricity capacity this year, with solar power leading the way in China and Europe,