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Largest earthquake in 20 years shakes New York City

A magnitude 4.8 earthquake shook the New York City metropolitan area, startling residents who expressed confusion over this rare event. 

Centered around Lebanon and Tewksbury in New Jersey, tremors from the earthquake could be felt as far as Boston. Residents of Philadelphia, Connecticut, New Jersey and Massachusetts also reported feeling the seismic event, unusual for the East Coast. Approximately 42 million people may have felt the earthquake, according to the United States Geological Survey. The last major earthquake to hit the NYC area was in 2011, when a 5.8 magnitude quake rattled buildings throughout the Northeast, from Washington D.C. to Boston. That was the strongest on the East Coast since World War II. In New York City, the shaking felt like a gentle boat bobbing across a calm lake or a leisurely carnival ride like a swing or Ferris wheel, but those closer to the epicenter reported feeling much stronger shockwaves.

The USGS confirmed this event, stating that the 4.8 magnitude earthquake occurred just 3 miles northeast of Lebanon, a small town about 50 miles west of New York City. It began at 10:23am EDT. Thousands confirmed the event with the government agency.


Governor Kathy Hochul was briefed on the situation and wrote on Twitter, formerly known as X, "A 4.8 magnitude earthquake occurred west of Manhattan and was felt throughout New York. My team is assessing impacts and any potential damage, and we will update the public throughout the day."

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said at a midday press conference, "At this time, we have no reports of major infrastructure impacts or injuries." But that was before a second 4.0 magnitude quake struck the area at 5:59pm. The nature of aftershocks from those tremors is unclear. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre revealed that President Joe Biden had also been briefed on the unfolding situation, tweeting "The President has been briefed on the earthquake, which had its epicenter in New Jersey, and he is in touch with his team, who are monitoring potential impacts. The White House is in communication with federal, state and local officials as we learn more."

No reports of damage yet, but residents are being advised to stay indoors in case of aftershocks. An emergency alert was sent to people in the area, about 45 minutes after the shaking stopped, reading "A 4.7 magnitude earthquake occurred in the NYC area. Residents should stay inside and call 911 if injured." There have also been no reports of injuries so far.

The USGS also reported, through the National Tsunami Warning Center, that there is no risk of a large tsunami on the East Coast following the earthquakes. However, aftershocks are possible, with one report from the organization revealing a 46% chance of a 3.0 magnitude or greater aftershock in the area within the next week, followed by a 16% chance of a 4.0 magnitude aftershock and 3% chance of a 5.0 magnitude aftershock.

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