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First, visit the Ho Chi Minh City theater to admire the unique architecture & watch a special show

If you can visit the city named after Uncle, you should once visit the city theater, admire the unique architecture, and enjoy the special shows. Now, let’s start the journey to discover Ho Chi Minh City Theater through the following article.

Address of the Opera House in Ho Chi Minh City 

Ho Chi Minh City Opera House, also known as the Opera House or the Opera House, is located at 7 Cong Truong Lam Son Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1. The theater is a place where regular performances are held. Performing arts and big events attracting tourists such as Opera, Cai Luong, plays, ballet… To enjoy the performances at the Opera House, you need to buy tickets depending on the performance, about approx. 700,000 VND/person. 

– Opening time of the Theater from 9 am – 16h30 (weekdays), and 9 am – 12 pm (weekends).

First, visit the Ho Chi Minh City theater to admire the unique architecture & watch a special show

Ho Chi Minh City Theater is also known as Opera House or City Theater

How to get to Ho Chi Minh City Theater

Experience going to Saigon, to get to the Opera House of Ho Chi Minh City you can choose from many different means of transport such as: 

– Bus: Currently, bus routes number 02, 03, 19, 45, and 53 with the nearest travel schedule to the Theater. Specifically, you will stop at Vincom center points, the Department of Planning and Investment, Me Linh construction site, about 2-4 minutes walk.

– Self-driving car: To be proactive, you can take a self-driving car in the following direction: From the center of District 1, you go in the direction of Le Thanh Ton Street to the South of Ky Khoi Nghia -> turn right onto the road. Nguyen Trung Truc -> turn right on the first two intersections, and Ly Tu Trong street -> turn right to reach Dong Khoi street.     

Taxi: If you don’t know how to the Ho Chi Minh City Opera House, you can hire a taxi that is the most convenient. Price ranges from 10,000 VND/km. 

How to get to Ho Chi Minh City Theater

Visit Ho Chi Minh City Theater 

Visiting the Saigon Opera House, you will admire the unique architecture, learn about the history of its formation and watch special shows. 

History of Saigon Opera House 

The French colonialists built the theater on January 1, 1900, to become an entertainment center for crusaders. During the first and second world wars, the colonists brought troupes from France to perform for opulent figures. After a period of operation, the theater only operated at a moderate level and turned into a concert venue. In 1944 the theater was badly damaged and stopped working. In 1955, it was repaired and used as the headquarters of the National Assembly, and in 1975, the theater was operated with the correct function. 

History of Saigon Opera House 

Admire the unique architecture of the Ho Chi Minh City Theater

What does the Ho Chi Minh City Theater have? Overall, the Saigon Opera House has the prevailing French Gothic architecture from the late 19th century and has architectural similarities with the Hanoi Opera House. The theater has a total area of ​​2016m2, including all 900 seats. The theater's front door is designed in the style of Petit Palais; the interior area is fully equipped with modern amenities. The area outside the ground floor consists of 2 floors, with 1800 seats. The entire interior of the theater is decorated by famous French painters with meticulous care and elegance. 

Admire the unique architecture of the Ho Chi Minh City Theater

In 1943, the theater was remodeled with a more youthful trend in architecture, especially in the façade area considered cumbersome with bas-reliefs like the town hall. In 1998, on the occasion of the establishment of Saigon, the government decorated more artistic goddess statues, including two lamps and flower strings. 

The area inside the theater

The famous virtual living place in Saigon. Photo: tintuc.hahalolo

Enjoy performances at the Municipal Theater.

Experience going to the Ho Chi Minh City Opera House, you should not miss the attractive performances on the ground floor and two theater floors such as Music, ballet, Cai Luong, drama, Opera, ethnic groups performed by domestic and international troupes. In addition, the theater regularly hosts fashion shows, celebrations, rallies, and large seminars. 

Enjoy performances at the Municipal Theater.

Special shows to watch when coming to Saigon Opera House : 

The Mist: This is a show showing Vietnamese people's lives, especially with wet rice farming. Besides, visitors also enjoy a neoclassical and modern combination of farmers' agricultural harvest scene performances. 

AO Show: The show shows people's lives in the South and uses folk props, including unique bamboo. 

– Opera Gala: With unique symphonic music by famous composers such as Mozart, Bach, Beethoven.

– Dance, musical: You can also enjoy the special dance performances performed by professional actors. 

– Vietnamese music performance: Enjoy performances praising the people and homeland through acting, lyrics, and singing. 

Special shows at the theater

Some notes when visiting Ho Chi Minh City Theater

Please refer to the following notes when you have the opportunity to visit the Saigon Opera House :

– Visitors will not be allowed to bring food into the theater. 

– Dress politely and neatly, especially on formal occasions. 

– Do not talk loudly when the troupes perform on stage. 

– It is recommended to arrive 15 – 30 minutes before the show to visit, take photos, and choose seats. 

– Have your phone and camera ready to interact with the artists after the performance.

Ho Chi Minh City Theater is an ideal sightseeing and entertainment place that you should not miss when you have the opportunity to visit the city named after Uncle Ho. Hopefully, the information above will help you have a trip to discover many experiences at this famous place of Saigon tourism.

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