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Fancy star apple, tangerine 300,000 VND/fruit on Tet holiday

Yellow tangerines, star-shaped apples, red grapefruit, etc., despite the expensive price, still attract customers to buy as Tet gifts or offer incense with the hope of a prosperous new year for the owner.

Golden tangerine

Like its unique name, chum tangerine is shaped like a full golden scorpion, meaning fortune and luck. Chum tangerines originated from Japan and Korea, and have been brought to Vietnam by some fruit shops in recent years.

Fancy star apple, tangerine 300,000 VND/fruit on Tet holiday

Looking like a full, round yellow mandarin, Korean mandarin oranges cost up to 300,000 VND/fruit ($1=25,000 VND)

The golden tangerine is much larger in size than ordinary tangerines, weighing 4-6 ounces/fruit with bright yellow color that looks very eye-catching. In particular, this tangerine is seedless, large, succulent, sweet and slightly sour.

A representative of a fruit import shop on Xuan La Street (Tay Ho, Hanoi) said that this is the third year the store has imported this type of tangerine. Every New Year, tangerines sell very well, customers buy them as Tet gifts or offer incense with the hope of a prosperous new year for their owners.

Golden tangerines are bought as gifts for Tet or offered incense with the hope of a prosperous new year for the owner.

“Usually a small box of tangerines has about 3 fruits, which look like 3 super giant golden eels, sold for about 1 million VND, equivalent to about 300,000 VND / fruit. In addition, tangerines are also placed in fruit baskets in the middle position, thanks to their large size and unique shape, just one fruit is quite luxurious and beautiful as a gift basket for Tet. This store shares.

Star apple

In the market recently, women are buzzing about fancy star-shaped apples. It is known that the star-shaped apple is imported from Korea, the apple is red and has the shape of a 5-pointed star.

The star apple box costs nearly 2,000,000 VND

Seeing an advertisement online, Ms. Hong Nhung (Hanoi) also ordered a star-shaped box of apples as a Tet gift for nearly 2 million VND/box of 1.5kg, 15 fruits. Although the price is quite expensive compared to ordinary apples, but because of the unique, beautiful and meaningful shape, she still decided to buy it to renew New Year’s gifts this year.

“Apples mean wealth and wealth, and the star shape represents the five elements, so I think this will be a gift to bring good luck in the new year. I was introduced by the seller that when eating apples, I should cut horizontally, instead of vertically like ordinary apples, so that I can clearly see the five-pointed star shape, “said Ms. Nhung.

This apple originated in France in the 1600s and is now grown in Korea

These apples are known to have originated in France in the 1600s. They are very crunchy and sweet. According to a survey at some stores, the star apple was imported from Korea by some stores, but the quantity was not much, some places were sold out. The price is also high, ranging from 1,300,000 to 1,700,000 VND/kg.

Red Grapefruit Goes King

As a familiar Tet fruit for Vietnamese people, near the end of the year, red pomelo to King Luan Van (Tho Xuong commune, Tho Xuan district, Thanh Hoa province) has beautiful colors, symbolizing good luck in the new year. Although it has been on the market for a long time, red pomelos are still hunted by women every Tet holiday.

Red pomelos have beautiful colors and are hunted by women every Tet holiday

Red pomelos are now widely sold in markets and supermarkets with prices ranging from 100,000 to 120,000 VND/fruit, depending on the weight of the fruit. Large, beautifully colored fruits are sold for 200,000 VND. In particular, beautiful grapefruit pairs can be sold for 400,000 VND – 500,000 VND.

There are also fancy calligraphic red pomelos that are suitable for displaying five fruits on New Year’s Day with prices up to millions of dong. This pomelo variety can be displayed for 2-4 months without spoiling, even without the use of preservatives.

Calligraphy red pomelo costs up to a million dong

When young, pomelos also have green skin like regular pomelos, but around July and August of the lunar calendar, the pomelo will turn yellow. Around October – November of the lunar calendar, pomelos continue to change in color. The whole grapefruit from the peel to the pomelo cloves turns red.

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