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Admire the “terrible” tangerine tree displaying the shape of the World Cup gold cup

An ornamental tangerine garden in Van Giang (Hung Yen) has a mandarin tree shaped like a World Cup gold cup with a height of up to 3.2m. This is the strangest mandarin tree ever in this garden house.

In the months leading up to the 2023 Lunar New Year , artisan Nguyen Van Thanh in Phi Liet village (Lien Nghia, Van Giang, Hung Yen) is busy taking care of his ornamental mandarin garden to serve the needs of customers.

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This year, the whole garden of Mr. Thanh’s house has about 100 mandarin roots, but only 60 of them have been successfully selected and mounded in the shape of hyacinths, 20 are shaped like a heart and especially one tree is mounded in a rather strange shape – World Cup gold cup – to hit the market.

The World Cup gold cup-shaped mandarin tree has a height of 3.2m with an age of about 4 years.

According to artisan Nguyen Van Thanh said: “From the love of the ball and responding to the biggest football festival on the planet, I and a friend decided to make a golden trophy both to watch and serve. customers admire the garden. There have been customers who paid 18 million dongs($7,200) for this tangerine tree, but I have not sold it yet.”($1=25,000 VND)

The foot of the golden cup has a diameter of just round a garden owner’s arm. “Most of the customers who come to the garden to buy ornamental plants are interested, admiring the “terrible” mandarin tree in the shape of a golden cup,” Thanh added. 

In addition, in Mr. Thanh’s garden, there are about 60 mandarin trees to create the shape of water hyacinth to serve people playing Tet.

Each hyacinth mandarin tree has a height of about 2m to 3.8m and is about 1.5m in diameter, with a balanced shape like a water hyacinth, with a branch rising upwards.

This year’s Lunar New Year , Mr. Thanh’s family also experimented and created a heart-shaped tangerine with a height of over 2m to launch to the market. Expected selling price of mandarin hyacinth and heart mandarin ranges from 25 to 30 million.

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