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Khoai Chau tourism – a cultural land full of sweet and fragrant flowers

Going to Khoai Chau Hung Yen to visit Da Hoa and Da Trach temples, visit Trung Chau church, or enjoy the famous frozen chicken and longan are great experiences visitors should not miss. 

Khoai Chau is one of the attractive tourist destinations of Hung Yen province, this land has a long cultural tradition along with many attractive products. Although there are not too many famous scenic spots, Khoai Chau is strong in historical monuments, culture, and unique products that make people fall in love. Traveling to Khoai Chau and discovering beautiful cultural features, enjoying famous specialties is an interesting journey that will make you unforgettable. 

Khoai Chau tourism – a cultural land full of sweet and fragrant flowers
Khoai Chau, a land of gratitude full of products of Hung Yen. Photo: baohungyen

Overview of Khoai Chau district, Hung Yen 

Khoai Chau is a district capital located in the west of Hung Yen province and is adjacent to Kim Dong, An Thi, Yen My, Van Giang and Thuong Tin districts of Hanoi. The district has an area of ​​130.98 km² with a population of about 184,802. The terrain of Khoai Chau district is mainly plain, where the Ban River flows through Kim Dong, which is part of the Red River, which has changed its course to the West. Khoai Chau is one of the attractive tourist destinations of Hung Yen province because it possesses a rich traditional culture with many historical relics, craft villages and rich regional products. 

Panoramic view of a corner of Khoai Chau district, Hung Yen. Photo: CARD

When is the best season to travel to Khoai Chau?

Khoai Chau as well as the whole province of Hung Yen has a tropical monsoon climate with two distinct weather patterns: the rainy season and the dry season. The time from May to October every year is the rainy season with the characteristics of hot, humid and rainy weather. From November to April the following year is the dry season with specific climate from cool to cold, late season wet with drizzle with background temperatures from 23 to 24 ° C, tourism Khoai Chau dry season is best suited to carry out exploration activities. 

You should come to Khoai Chau from November to April every year. Photo:@.thuwu__

Vehicles and instructions for moving to Khoai Chau district 

According to Khoai Chau travel experience , you can travel by motorbike or car depending on your needs because the traffic is very convenient. This district is only 37km from the center of Hanoi with a motorbike travel time of about 1 hour. 

From Hanoi, to get to Khoai Chau, you can travel in two ways. The first is you go in the direction of Chuong Duong bridge, then turn through Nguyen Van Cu street to enter road 5 and then move to Phu Thuy intersection, turn right to the post office of Van Giang district, turn left and go 15km more Khoai Chau.

You can go to Khoai Chau by motorbike or car. Photo: gody

The second route will help you move faster, that is, you follow Phap Van – Cau Gie, when you reach the second overpass, turn left and move through the brewery to the Red River dike, ask for directions. Chuong Duong wharf. When you cross the wharf, you have reached Khoai Chau. This route is 20km shorter than the route on route 1. 

Check list of outstanding destinations in Khoai Chau

Da Hoa Temple – Da Trach

Da Hoa Temple worships Chu Dong Tu, one of the “Four Immortals” in Vietnam and is worshiped in many places. However, the temple in Hung Yen is still the most famous. Da Hoa Temple is located in Binh Minh Commune and is considered the main temple area, this temple has a direct view of the Red River Natural Beach, it is said that this is the place where Princess Tien Dung met and fell in love with her. Chu Dong Tu guy.

Da Hoa Temple is the main temple to worship Chu Dong Tu. Photo: baohungyen

Da Hoa Temple is located on a large, high and flat land with beautiful scenery, facing the West. The overall temple architecture has 18 ancient tile-roofed houses representing the 18 Hung kings. The Ngo Mon area has 3 doors on the top of the roof that are decorated with exquisitely crafted two dragons adoring the moon. Da Hoa Temple still preserves many very rare relics such as a pair of cypress jars with 100 words that do not match each other, which is a priceless treasure.

Da Trach Temple is the second temple to worship Chu Dong Tu and Princess Tien Dung in Khoai Chau, the temple is located in Yen Vinh village, Da Trach commune and is the place where Chu and his two wives ascended to heaven. In the second lunar month every year at Da Hoa and Da Trach temples, there will be a huge Chu Dong Tu festival with many special activities. 

The main hall of Da Trach temple. Photo:

Chu Dong Tu festival takes place in February every year. Photo:

Sai Thi banyan tree

Sai Thi banyan tree is also a destination that many people visit when traveling to Khoai Chau , this is not only a natural ancient tree but also a place associated with important historical events. Accordingly, the Sai Thi banyan tree was the place where the first branch of the Communist Party of Vietnam was established in Hung Yen province in 1929. From the first cell with 7 members, the communist movement in Hung Yen developed and Spread. Today, the Sai Thi banyan tree is preserved and considered an important relic associated with the revolutionary history of Khoai Chau district as well as Hung Yen province. 

Sai Thi banyan tree is associated with revolutionary history. Photo: baohungyen

Church of Hoang Thi Loan cụ 

If you have the opportunity to travel to Khoai Chau and find Van Noi village of Hong Tien commune, you should visit the church of Hoang Thi Loan, the mother of President Ho Chi Minh. The temple has the typical architecture of the northern delta region with a very peaceful beauty. Here you will hear about the professional life of the daughter of the Hoang family with all the qualities of merit, freedom, speech, and lifelong sacrifice for her husband and children. 

The peaceful beauty of Hoang Thi Loan’s temple. Photo: nandantv

Trung Chau Parish Church 

This church is also an interesting destination that you should not miss when traveling to Khoai Chau . Trung Chau parish church is located in Dong Ket commune. This is a place of religious activities of local people and also an interesting destination with very typical architecture of Catholic churches. It is known that the people of Trung Chau parish received the Faith from the 17th century and now this is also one of the famous parishes of Khoai Chau. 

Trung Chau parish church in Khoai Chau. Photo:

In addition to the destinations on Hung Yen tourism in the fruit season, visitors can visit, check-in and pick longan, oranges and grapefruits in the garden to enjoy and bring back as gifts. 

Check-in the orchard when in season is a very wonderful experience. Photo: peopletaybac

Specialties of Khoai Chau you should not miss 

Dong Tao Chicken 

This is not only a specialty of Khoai Chau but also a specialty of Hung Yen that has been famous everywhere. Dong Tao chicken is famous for being delicious with super big shaggy legs, firm and fragrant meat. With Dong Tao chicken, Khoai Chau people often process it into 7 attractive dishes such as chicken legs stewed with traditional herbs, steamed chicken with lemon leaves, chicken skin, fried chicken breast, fried chicken with vermicelli, steamed chicken with lotus sticky rice, etc. attractive period. 

Dong Tao chicken is a famous specialty in Khoai Chau. Photo:

Chicken Tieu Quan 

Chicken noodle soup is also a famous specialty in Khoai Chau and is often treated by locals here. The golden chicken cake is fragrant with the smell of meat, a little pungent of tangerine peel, pungent of pepper, you will hardly forget the taste of this dish from the first time you enjoy it. 

Chicken Tieu Quan is also a famous specialty. Photo: vietnamdiscover

Grapefruit Performance

Mentioning Hung Yen is referring to Dien pomelo, sugar oranges, delicious products cherished and cherished by the people here. The real pomelos are quite small in size, with smooth skin and a very beautiful yellow color. The feature of this fruit is that the longer it is left, the better it is, the longer the grapefruit will go into the water, so the fruit is very tight and juicy. The pomelo crop in Khoai Chau usually falls around the end of November and the beginning of December every year. 

The longer Dien grapefruit is left, the more succulent it becomes. Photo:
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Orange sugar 

Along with Dien pomelo, Khoai Chau sugar oranges are also in season from late November to early December every year. The sugar oranges here are of outstanding quality with thin skin, a characteristic cool aroma, and an extremely attractive sweet taste that is hard to match. 

Bright red sugar orange with sweet taste. Photo:

Cage label 

Referring to Hung Yen’s products, it is definitely impossible to ignore the longan, the legend of the king is famous everywhere. Traveling to Khoai Chau Hung Yen  every 6th lunar month every year, you will be immersed in the world of longan with fruit-laden orchards, longan appears everywhere. The taste of Hung Yen longan is very special, the fruit is thick and the sweet aroma will make you hard to forget. 

Hung Yen’s longan is considered as the “king of fruits”. Photo: vnreview

Traveling to Khoai Chau to explore famous landmarks, enjoy attractive products, and immerse yourself in the typical lifestyle and culture of the Northern Delta region is a great experience for you to understand and love more. the countryside in Vietnam. If you have come to Hung Yen, don’t forget to take the time to come back to Khoai Chau. 

Photo: Internet 

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