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What does Hung Yen tourism buy as a gift? These are suggestions you should consult

Traveling to Hung Yen, everyone wants to find and buy gifts to give to relatives and friends, so what specialties does this country have that make tourists everywhere have to be attached?

As a land that still preserves the rustic traditional culture of the northern land, Hung Yen has many delicious and attractive specialties that make visitors never forget. Hung Yen’s specialty is not only attractive in terms of taste but also has its own unique regional characteristics. If you do not know what Hung Yen tourism to buy as a gift , please immediately refer to the list of attractive specialties below. 

What does Hung Yen tourism buy as a gift? These are suggestions you should consult
Hung Yen has many attractive specialties that can be purchased as gifts. Photo: General

Specialties should be chosen immediately if you do not know what Hung Yen tourism to buy as a gift

1. Tuong Ban 

Referring to poverty, people will immediately think of Hung Yen because this is the hometown of this famous specialty everywhere. Hung Yen hamlet originated in Ban town, Yen Nhan commune, My Hao district. Although made from simple ingredients such as glutinous rice, soybeans, and salt, the talented hands of the people here have created a rich soy sauce with its own flavor. You can easily buy ketchup in Ban town, some famous brands can refer to as Huong Dat or Thanh Lan. 

Tuong Ban Hung Yen is famous near and far. Photo:

2. Hung Yen longan 

If you do not know what Hung Yen tourism to buy as a gift , a label is an attractive suggestion for you. The longan here is famous for its large fruit, light brown skin, very thick and drained pulp, and small seeds. The longan crop in Hung Yen starts from July to August, at this time you can comfortably enjoy the fresh and ripe fruit. However, if you come to Hung Yen in other months, you can still enjoy dried longan, also known as longan, and buy it as a gift. Along the way to Hung Yen, when in season, there are many longan, especially according to local people, Ba Mai longan in Hong Nam commune is a famous place. 

Hung Yen is famous for the delicious label. Photo: nongsansay

If it is not in season, you can buy dried longan. Photo: lazada

3. Xuoi street roll 

This dish is also one of Hung Yen’s famous specialties, Xuoi Street’s spring roll made from lean pork, mixed with spices and mixed with pork skin. After cooking and finished, the rolls will have a pink color and a very attractive aroma. This is a specialty with a long shelf life, so you can feel free to buy it as a gift. To buy delicious beef rolls, go to Xuoi Street Market of Hung Yen.

Xuoi Street is very suitable as a gift when traveling to Hung Yen. Photo: Memorable magazine

4. Honey longan 

In addition to longan, longan honey is also a specialty that you can refer to when you do not know what Hung Yen travel to buy . Longan nectar has a very beautiful color, characteristic aroma and is especially good for health. You can easily find and buy longan honey in Me So village, Van Giang district, this is the largest longan garden in the province, so the quality of honey here is very good.

The longan honey in Hung Yen is very fragrant, sweet, sweet and has a chestnut price. Photo: Honey Phuc Vinh

5. Harrowing gear 

Narrow gear is also one of the specialties that can be purchased as a gift when traveling to Hung Yen. The cake is made from rice flour, filled with green beans and wood ear. The cake tastes delicious and the price is very cheap. You can buy more harrows, but the best one is in Phung Cong commune of Van Giang district.

The rustic gears are all delicious. Photo:

6. Dong Tao Chicken 

Dong Tao Chicken will be a great choice for the gourmets who do not know  what Hung Yen tourism to buy as a gift . This famous specialty chicken is a rare breed characterized by its large, ruffled legs and delicious meat taste. With this specialty you can buy as gifts for friends and relatives or prepare nutritious dishes for your family. To buy quality Dong Tao chicken, go to Dong Tao commune of Khoai Chau district. 

Dong Tao Chicken is so famous and famous so it is very suitable as a gift. Photo:

7. Hung Yen Sardines 

Every February and March every year, in Hung Yen, there is a special season of sardines. Hung Yen sardines’ specialty is very attractive, in the right season, each fish is fat and has eggs when eaten. In addition to fresh fish, if you travel on other occasions you can also buy dried fish as gifts. 

Hung Yen sardines are fragrant, fatty and full of eggs. Photo:

8. Bucket’s shoes 

The village’s shoes cake is a famous specialty of Hung Yen, this is also an attractive suggestion if you do not know what Hung Yen tourism should buy as a gift. Selling is made from sticky rice with yellow flower and green bean filled with pork and sugar. After steaming, eating with toppings or eating it is also very attractive. This cake can be left for a long time without fear of spoiling. If you want to find and buy, you should visit 179 Cho Gau, Cuu Cao commune, Van Giang district, this is a famous place for banh mi. 

The village’s shoes have been kept for a long time, so they are suitable for buying as gifts. Photo: Poliva

9. Tieu Quan Chicken Pies 

In addition to Dong Tao chicken, Hung Yen also has another chicken specialty that is Tieu Quan chicken patties. This dish is meticulously prepared with the main ingredient of delicious chicken. You can buy this specialty to eat, or prepare family dishes, for relatives. Visitors to Hung Yen can buy Tieu Quan chicken patties in many places, but the cradle of this dish is in Tieu Quan village, Phung Hung commune, Khoai Chau district, if you want to buy from the original you go to the address above. 

Tieu Quan chicken patties are also famous specialties, so they should be bought as gifts. Photo: bestplus

There are many attractive options for you when you are wondering what Hung Yen tourism should buy as a gift . Hopefully the above suggestions will be a useful information guide, helping you to easily choose the desired special gift for a complete travel. 

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