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Top specialties as gifts in Binh Dinh are the most famous, don’t miss it

The land of Binh Dinh is not only famous for many beautiful landscapes, but it also has many delicious specialties that have captivated many tourists, many specialties as gifts in Binh Dinh have fascinated visitors by attractive taste and genuine features like the people of this coastal country. 

Binh Dinh tourism in addition to information about beautiful places, attractive places to eat, many people also want to explore the cuisine here as well as find delicious specialties as gifts for friends and relatives. Gift-making specialties in Binh Dinh are very rich, so when coming to this place, visitors will be mesmerized by the uniqueness and attractiveness. It is often said that food is the soul of a land, so after a trip, bring back the most typical products of that land as well as bring a memorable part back to remind you of the land. that land. Coming to Binh Dinh, if you do not know what to buy as a gift, these will be attractive specialties for you. 

Top specialties as gifts in Binh Dinh are the most famous, don’t miss it

Binh Dinh has a lot of attractive specialties for you to buy as gifts. Photo: diofood_anvat_, TRIAL

The specialties as gifts in Binh Dinh are delicious and unique that must be bought 


This is a special dish as a gift in Binh Dinh that is very popular with tourists. This dish attracts from appearance to taste. Outside the pacifiers are covered like tiny broomsticks, inside are attractive bamboos made from ear meat, head meat, pork belly marinated with spices and young guava leaves. , chili, garlic, sesame, hearing… The dish is a combination of many ingredients that create an irresistible flavor. 

Tre Binh Dinh is famous for its attractive taste. Photo: trangnguyenart

The bamboo part combines many delicious ingredients. Photo:@trangnguyenart_

Hemp leaves little cakes 

When it comes to cake with little thorn leaves, there are also some local places, but Binh Dinh’s little thorn cake is most famous because the flavor of this specialty cake of this martial land is very attractive. The small cakes are always used by the people here on many occasions and today have become a specialty as a gift in Binh Dinh to attract tourists from far away. Binh Dinh hemp leaf cake is made from glutinous rice flour mixed with hemp leaves, so it has a characteristic dark green color, the filling is usually green beans and grated coconut fiber. These small pyramid-shaped cakes with sweet flavor will be one of the things that hold you back when coming to Binh Dinh.

Binh Dinh thorn-leaf cake has been famous for a long time. Photo:@vyloan309_

The cake has a dark green shell and is filled with sweet green beans with coconut and sugar. Photo:@anhsausaigons

Tam Quan pink cake

 This is a specialty as a gift in Binh Dinh that will fascinate those who are fond of sweet, the cake has the characteristics of the martial land with an irresistibly sweet taste. The shape of the cake is not too eye-catching but the taste is very attractive, sweet but not easily bored. One thing you need to keep in mind when buying this specialty as a gift is to choose a new cake because the dish is only valid for about 4 days. 

The sweet pink cakes will mesmerize anyone. Photo:_digiticket

Pink cake goes well with tea. Photo: dulichquynhon

District market spring rolls

The reason this specialty has such a name is that the dish is associated with the Huyen market area in the Tuy Phuoc area, this spring roll is one of the typical features of the country’s cuisine with its chewy flavor. The crispy crunchy texture is very attractive. Fresh spring rolls in the District market are specialties as gifts in famous Binh Dinh, visitors can buy them and then bring them to grill with charcoal and serve with Banh Trang, perilla vegetables, laksa leaves, bananas, and cucumbers with dipping sauce. great. This is also a special gift for friends and family.

Nem Cho Huyen is a very attractive specialty of Binh Dinh. Photo:_nicequynhown

Shrimp ramen 

Binh Dinh land shrimp ram is famous throughout the country because of its attractive taste. The dish is made, the pork belly is equal, the shrimp and rice paper of Binh Dinh are original. The taste of this ram is very attractive that can be used in family meals, parties or parties. Especially, this special gift as a gift in Binh Dinh is very easy to carry, so visitors can buy it comfortably to give to loved ones after the trip.

Ground shrimp ram is a very attractive dish of the martial land of Binh Dinh. Photo: Quynhoncar_rental.

This specialty is often packaged for tourists to buy and carry away very conveniently. Photo:@thucphamsach_bactom_dn

Coconut milk cake

 This specialty has been famous for a long time and is often the most bought dish when tourists visit Binh Dinh. Binh Dinh’s coconut rice paper is denser than many other regions, the rice paper is made from delicious rice and coconut water, so it is very fragrant and fleshy. Visitors can choose to buy dry cakes or ready-made cakes to take home as gifts. 

Binh Dinh coconut rice paper is thick and crispy. Photo: trangnhubinh

Guests can purchase either raw or pre-baked cakes. Photo: danviet

dried seafood 

Binh Dinh is a coastal country, so seafood is extremely rich, fishermen here often prepare and dry seafood to sell to tourists. Coming to Binh Dinh, you can buy a lot of attractive dried seafood such as dried squid, soaked squid, dried shrimp, fish sticks, beef fish, dried seaweed… The advantage of buying dried seafood as a gift is that it’s easy. carry around because of its light size and does not affect the quality when buying away. 

Dried fish is a very popular seafood. Photo: diofood_anvat

Squid is also dried seafood that visitors can refer to buy as gifts when coming to Binh Dinh. Photo: dacsannhatoi_

In addition to the above attractive dishes, the specialties of Binh Dinh as gifts are also very rich with countless delicious, strange and unique dishes for visitors to buy after their trip. Enjoy the trip in the land of Nau, do not forget to bring back attractive gifts typical of the land and people here. 

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