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10 Phu Yen specialties bought as famous and quality gifts

The land “yellow flowers on green grass” not only has such beautiful landscapes that attract visitors to admire. But this place also owns a wealth of products, and learn the specialties of Phu Yen to buy as meaningful gifts that you should choose to give to relatives and family. 

Phu Yen specialties bought as gifts

1. A sunny cow in Phu Yen

The one-sunny cow is a unique product of Phu Yen land that everyone loves. It is made from fresh beef grazing in mountainous regions so it is firm and fragrant. Pieces of tenderloin and thighs are chosen to make them soft and sweet. After splitting, they are marinated with spices such as fish sauce, sugar, salt, chili, … and then dry in the sun for hunting. When you buy it and bake on charcoal, dipped with chili sauce or ant salt is all delicious. Whether eating or drinking or drinking is very expensive. 

10 Phu Yen specialties bought as famous and quality gifts
Photo: @bomotnangkrongpa
Photo: @tramthachngoc

2. Salt Phu Yen ants

This specialty of Phu Yen is truly toxic – strange that only this land has, but not everyone knows. The weaver ants living in the forest or caught in fruit trees are brought back to fight by people according to their own methods. Finally, the finished product has a characteristic salty, spicy and sour taste. Dipping with a sunny beef or grilled dishes is nothing more delicious. 

Photo: @ 55giraud

3. Ganh Do fish sauce

Referring to Vietnam, fish sauce is an indispensable national condiment and Phu Yen land also contributes to this fish sauce brand that has more than 100 years of history. Delicious, savory flavor that is made from fresh anchovies according to traditional methods. Each drop contains the essence of heaven and earth crystallizing through a well-kept year. Buying, eating, dipping, cooking or as a gift, you will never forget that taste. 

Photo: @TopVietnam

4. Phu Yen Coffee

People often know about the famous coffee in the Central Highlands, but this is also a specialty Phu Yen bought as a gift with no less quality . People who drink travel appreciate and are always looking to enjoy, especially premium mink coffee. The taste when mixed, compact, bold, delicious, but also very attractive color look. There are many famous brands for you to try such as: Huy Tung coffee, Huong Huong, … with affordable prices and cool space. 

Photo: @anhbadangnguyen
Photo: @Fado
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5. Song Cau seahorse wine 

Song Cau seahorse wine is considered by everyone as a “miracle” very good for health, especially for “men”. Seahorses only live in the marine environment, but due to a lot of fishing, they are gradually scarce and difficult to find. On the way to travel, visitors stop by the roadside bar to buy fresh or dried seahorses, soak in wine or bring back to soak without fear of being challenged with high prices. Just treating the disease, improving the body and on display is also very beautiful. 

Photo: @Pinterest

6. Phu Yen fish cakes

Phu Yen beach is rich in products, especially fish such as: waterfall, mackerel, tuna, … In addition to enjoying local dishes while traveling such as Phu Yen chives soup , after returning you also don’t forget to buy a fish ball to eat and as a gift for your loved one. Fish cakes of all kinds are steamed, fried by hand, so they are tough, have no preservatives and can make countless delicious dishes for families every day. From adults to children all love it because it’s easy to eat without getting bored. 

Photo: @haichiemfood
Photo: @naheooo

7. Dried seafood

Speaking of Phu Yen, it is impossible to ignore all kinds of dried seafood. This is a gift that everyone loves to buy. Various types of seafood such as dried snakehead fish, dried mackerel, dried squid, dried shrimp, … Sold a lot at seafood markets or dry food shops at affordable prices. Most especially, there is a special dry rim of tuna, eaten with rice or drinking. You can take it back for a long time while still maintaining its own strength.

Photo: @hoidulich
Photo: @Pinterest

8. Hoa Da rice paper

This long-standing brand of rice paper is the specialty of Phu Yen bought as a famous gift, which is trusted by the people as well as tourists because of its strong aroma of rice. The rice paper here is several times bigger than that in the South and is handmade by the people. Bring back to eat with many dishes such as salad, roll or spring roll, … are suitable to eat with. You can visit the bakeries for a visit and buy it in person. 

Photo: @tuyhoago
Photo: @dacsanphuyen

9. The Emperor’s Pub 

Phu Yen specialty bought as a gift impresses itself because it is cooked from the typical water and rice source of Song Cau town. Tien king specialties from ancient times with clear color, sweet aroma of rice. The characteristic of Quan De wine, although its concentration is high, but it is popular with connoisseurs because it has good effects for health, blood pressure bought as a gift of white wine or soaked in Chinese medicine, soaked seahorses … . 

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10. Phu Yen’s nests

Traveling to Phu Yen, if you want to choose the gift you buy to bring to your loved one, do not forget the premium bird nest. Nest here is made by home, it is 100% pure from nature. It is a nutritious food for family use or as a meaningful gift. The most famous selling place that you should go to buy is in Tuy Hoa city area with many prestigious brands. 

Photo: Hotdeal

Nature is endowed with a rich source of products, plus long-standing traditional craft villages to create unique products. Wandering around to explore and admire the beautiful scenery here, in addition to taking pictures and checking in, there are many Phu Yen specialties bought as gifts that visitors can buy before leaving. Choose the products you love to buy and try, make sure you love them and will look forward to next time to bring more. 

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