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Top 15 Ly Son Specialties as delicious gifts worth buying and enjoying

Ly Son is like the miniature Maldives in Vietnam with beautiful unspoiled natural scenery. Coming to Ly Son, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy specialties with bold flavors of the sea as gifts for relatives and friends. See the top 15 specialties of Ly Son as delicious gifts to buy below.

Ly Son Garlic – a specialty as the best gift

Ly Son garlic specialty is famous for its name of lonely garlic that is different from regular garlic. Especially, each garlic bulb has only one clove and has a characteristic aroma that cannot be mixed with other types of garlic.

Therefore, when traveling to Ly Son, you should buy a few kilograms of garlic as a very precious gift and good for your health.

Specialties of Ly Son – Peanut mirror candies

Ly Son specialty peanut mirror candy hears a very special name, the candy is laminated like crystal and eaten crunchy.

The main ingredients of this specialty are made from malt, granulated sugar, and peanuts, creating a sweet taste of sugar mingled with a rich aroma. What’s more wonderful than when you end the trip here you will buy them for your family and friends.

Specialty Ly Son – Cinnamon Tra Bong

Cinnamon Tra Bong has unique outstanding values ​​that cannot be found anywhere else, famous not only in Ly Son but also in the world with its characteristic flavor used as spices and medicine.

Specialties Ly Son – Malt candies

Malt candy – specialties as gifts have a sweet taste, not as harsh as sugar, so it is easy to eat, many people choose to buy after a long trip.

Specialties Dried Fish Ly Son

Dried fish specialty is made from freshly caught fresh fish that has a strong sea flavor and is used in many different dishes.

Alum sugar, lung sugar

Ly Son alum road

Lung Ly Son

Ly Son’s alum sugar and lung sugar are better than white diameter and have many uses for the health of users, increasing the rich flavor of the dish. A package of Ly Son specialty sugar as a gift for family and friends is nothing better.

Mam sauce

Mamamum is a specialty of Quang Ngai, made from fresh and delicious jams, becoming a delicious sauce to eat with raw vegetables wrapped only once, remember not to forget.

Seaweed salad

Seaweed salad is one of the delicious dishes Ly Son who has ever tried it once, can hardly forget the rich flavor of this dish.

With ingredients including fresh green seaweed, mixed with basil, some yellow onion and peanuts to stimulate the taste.

Garlic salad

Ly Son garlic salad is made from lonely garlic bulbs and processed into an attractive dish mixed with some spices with a spicy and delicious flavor.


The specialty snail Ly Son Chinh is a type of conch which is much more delicious than other seas when eating crispy snail meat and very sweet.

People often process snails into many different dishes, but the most popular is boiling, baking, and stir-frying lemongrass and chili to preserve the unique flavor of this marine seafood.

King crab

King of the king is a specialty of Baby Island,  you cannot ignore when you come here, definitely try to feel all the deliciousness of this strange crab. This type of crab is often used to grill and cook hot pot has its own unique flavor.

Flat crab

Flat crab is also considered a specialty  when grilled, has a strong aroma, the white flesh is firm and the salt is dipped in a sweet and rich aroma.

Evil fish

Ta ma fish is a special specialty only available on Be Island, the meat is sweet, chewy and has a strange aroma, so you must enjoy its very own fatty taste.

Garlic key chain

What is more special when you buy Ly Son’s beautiful little garlic-shaped keychains as gifts for relatives and friends after an interesting trip.

Souvenir jewelry made of black coral

Ly Son is famous for a variety of eye-catching souvenir jewelry made from black coral that any visitor should buy as a gift to feel the unique culture here.

Hopefully, with 15 specialties as gifts, you will choose the gift that brings the most meaning after experienced travel for relatives and friends. Photo: Internet

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