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Strange spring rolls shop: selling for 2 hours, customers waiting in line to buy

Although the shop has a squash shop, no signboards, for decades, the pig spring soup shop in Ngo May TT (Phu Cat district, Binh Dinh) is not only famous throughout the province, but many visitors from far away have come to enjoy it.

About 40km from the center of Quy Nhon city (Binh Dinh) to the North, nearly 30 years ago, Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich’s rice porridge shop (62 years old, in Ngo May town, Phu Cat district, Binh Dinh province) is the destination. famous of many tourists from near and far when having the opportunity to come to Binh Dinh.

Strange spring rolls shop: selling for 2 hours, customers waiting in line to buy
The pig spring soup shop in Ngo May town (Phu Cat district, Binh Dinh province) sells for only 2 hours every morning to finish the porridge.

Different from the luxurious space like the restaurant on the street, this porridge shop is a grade 4 house with tiled roof, the front porch is covered with temporary roof. The shop doesn’t have any signs, but the same goes for every morning, the customers are crowded.

In addition to the customers who come to eat at the restaurant, many people have to line up to buy porridge to take home. There are even times when there are too many customers, the shopkeeper has to refuse to relax because she can not manage in time.

The special thing about this restaurant is that this restaurant is not “picky” to choose customers, the shop sells very affordable prices from 10,000 VND to 40,000 VND / bowl so everyone can eat.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich, the owner of the sausage porridge shop, said that she opened a shop for sale from 1993 up to now.

“The restaurant serves mainly local people, so the price is very affordable, whoever eats a bowl of food, I sell as much.

There are customers who are labor workers with little income, 10,000 VND or 15,000 VND / bowl I all sell. Only customers traveling by car will sell 40,000 VND / car and add a plate of cake to eat with. You get what you pay for, but the restaurant mainly serves popular customers, not only luxury customers, “shared Ms. Bich.

According to the owner, every morning the shop starts to open for sale from 5:00 am to about 7:00 am, porridge is finished. Everyday “idle” is too much, around 7:30 am also. The shop only sells about 2 hours each morning to stop flying more than 150 bowls of porridge.

The owner chooses delicious trotters from the pigs just slaughtered, then goes to the cellar to sell right away in the morning, never overnight.

Sharing the secret to cooking delicious spring rolls, Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich, said: “Each person has a different way of cooking, my own when the spring rolls are not seasoned with fish sauce or a lot of seasoning, just seasoning a little sugar and flour. Sweet to let the water in.

Especially, when stewing the sausages, it is necessary to have freshly sliced ​​onions to make them fragrant and have no fishy smell. Simple as that, there is no special secret. I work gradually to learn from experience and customers feel good for a long time, so I support “.

The most expensive sausage bowl is only 40,000 thousand VND, in addition to a piece of the leg, there is also meat, heart, kidney, and a plate of cake to eat.

Ms. Bich added that delicious pork sausage porridge depends on the quality of fresh and delicious pork rolls. Every morning, she wakes up from 2-3 am, comes to the prestigious big pig slaughterhouse in the district to choose the freshest and most delicious trotters.

“I go directly to the slaughterhouse to choose the most delicious ones, the meat must be firm, less fat, and the skin is thin. After the rolls are bought, cleaned and sold in the morning, not left overnight. Then the spring rolls will be delicious “, Ms. Bich added.

According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich, in 1993, after quitting working as an accountant at the Phu Cat General Trading Company, she then went home to open a shop for rice porridge to sell for a living.

“After the subsidy, I was still very miserable, I also learned a bit of cooking, then went to eat porridge from other people’s shops and then came home to cook for sale by myself. Initially, I sold a little, gradually customers ate and complimented it well, so I sold them. More, up to now, the shop has been sold for 28 years “, Ms. Bich said.

Ms. Bich’s spring roll porridge shop is very popular, the average price is from 10,000 VND to 40,000 VND / bowl.

In addition to selling porridge in the early morning, after afternoon, Ms. Bich also sells duck porridge to serve local customers.

Currently, in Quy Nhon City (Binh Dinh), there is also a spring roll porridge shop named “Phu Cat Porridge”, but in terms of quality, it is not as good as Mrs. Bich’s unnamed spring roll porridge shop.

The spring roll porridge shop does not have signs, but many visitors from far away come to enjoy it.

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