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How is the famous Sweet Soup shop on Bat Dan Street, nearly a century old, now?

For many people living in Hanoi, the name Ba Thin sweet soup is no longer strange.

Existing in the heart of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, when comes Ba Thin tea, most people living in Hanoi, especially foodies, will know it. Not only is the sweet soup shop famous for its famous delicacies, but this sweet soup shop is also particularly impressive because of its age of nearly 1 century, which has been associated with the childhood of many generations of Ha Thanh people.

This sweet soup shop originated from an old lady named Thin who sold a variety of sweet soups and cakes from the 30s of the last century. By the 80s, the sweet soup shop had a position in the center of the old town. In recent years, Ba Thin sweet soup has been expanded with 2 sales locations located in the middle of the intersection of Bat Dan – Hang Bo – Thuoc Bac – Hang Thiec.

The famous sweet soup shop on Bat Dan street, which is nearly a century old, what is it like now?

Although it has been almost a century, the attraction of Ba Thin sweet soup can not be denied. Until now, Hanoi people still love this sweet soup shop. The proof is that the line is always crowded, especially in the evenings or on weekends. With only small plastic tables and chairs, customers can comfortably sit indoors, on the sidewalk, eat sweet soup and listen to stories. People eating at the restaurant, buyers taking home, or shippers coming to pick up goods to ship continuously create an extremely bustling scene.

How is the famous Sweet Soup shop on Bat Dan Street, nearly a century old, now?

Starting from the burden of street gifts with all kinds of cakes and pastries, up to now, Ba Thin sweet soup still keeps a diverse menu, even somewhat richer than before. From hot sticky rice dishes suitable for winter or summer refreshments, there is everything. Come on, sticky rice with flower areca, sticky rice with Ba Cot sweet soup, thick black bean sweet soup and mixed tea, tofu, pearl black jelly… Not only that but there are also snacks such as green bean rice cake, cake 9. layer of clouds, fried rice, bee tea… Perhaps it is this diverse menu that makes Ba Thin sweet soup attract more diners because it can satisfy all tastes.

The price of the dishes here ranges from 15k – 33k, which is considered a very affordable price that almost anyone can enjoy.

Because it is located in the center of the old town, Ba Thin sweet soup attracts more and more visitors. Not only people living nearby, guests from other places but also foreign tourists also come to try this famous sweet soup shop.

A small minus point is that in the evening or on the weekend, due to a large number of guests, it is difficult to find a seat as well as a parking space. However, if you like the feeling of sitting and eating at an old sweet soup shop right in the middle of this old town, please wait patiently for a while. Because although it is a bit crowded, the owner and the staff are all very agile, trying to arrange a place for guests to eat as comfortably as possible.

Hanoi this time is starting to get cold, so people immediately think of a bowl of sticky rice. Then why not come try this legendary sticky rice restaurant in Hanoi?

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