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How is the 50-year-old Sweet Soup shop associated with generations of people in the capital now?

Over the years, although only selling traditional dishes, this Sweet Soup shop still attracts a lot of customers.

In Hanoi, if you want to find an old Sweet Soup shop, “familiar” with many people in the capital, in addition to names like Ba Thin tea, and Muoi Sau tea, many people will immediately think of 4 Seasons Sweet Soup shop located in Hanoi. at the beginning of Hang Can street.

How is the 50-year-old Sweet Soup shop associated with generations of people in the capital now?

Opened before 1975, until now, this Sweet Soup shop has existed for nearly 50 years, associated with many generations of people in the capital. While Hanoi now has many newly opened Sweet Soup shops with a wide variety of dishes, imported from many different places, 4 Seasons Sweet Soup is still loyal to traditional Sweet Soup dishes. However, it cannot be denied the attractiveness and crowdedness of this place.

True to the name “4 seasons”, this Sweet Soup shop is characterized by the style of “wake up in every season”. Usually, the shop will sell dishes such as black bean tea, mixed tea, lotus tea, Khuc Bach tea, jackfruit yogurt, sticky rice yogurt… In the winter, there will be more hot Sweet Soup dishes such as hot drift cake, ready-made hot tea, green tea, chi that suits… The main Sweet Soup dishes range from 20k – 30k. And if those who often eat here will pay attention to the details, especially in the season of grapefruit and jasmine flowers, the shop also uses these flowers to marinate some types of Sweet Soup to have a more attractive aroma.

Some people say that here, lotus longan and mixed Sweet Soup are the best. But there are people who praise Khuc Bach tea, green bean tea… So it’s hard to say which Sweet Soup here is the best, because it depends on each person’s taste and preferences.

The space of the shop is not too large, with a counter for Sweet Soup ingredients, a small space in the house for guests to sit, the rest is mainly plastic chairs in front of the door. However, those who often eat at old restaurants in Hanoi will find that this is a very interesting feature of the shops inside the Old Quarter.

Every day, 4 Seasons Sweet Soup is sold continuously from 9am to 11pm. Regardless of winter or summer, visitors come here are very crowded, especially in the evenings and weekends. People sit to eat on the spot, buyers take them home, and from one turn to another, another comes in.

Sitting in a corner of the old town, sipping a cup of traditional tea, and watching the flow of people pass by, is an interesting and very familiar feeling that many people still want to find. So sometimes, if you want to return to your childhood, you can visit 4 Seasons Sweet Soup and eat a cool cup of black bean tea, or a bowl of hot cake on the cold day of this winter.

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