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The beautiful flower streets in Hanoi are as romantic as Korea’s 

The beautiful flower streets in Hanoi are not only a place for you to admire the beautiful flower seasons of Ha Thanh but also bring a very poetic, very loving beauty to the capital. 

Beautiful flower streets in Hanoi that you should once walk 

1. Hoang Dieu

One of the most beautiful flower streets in Hanoi mentioned in March is Hoang Dieu Street. This is the palace that runs along the west side of Thang Long citadel . On sunny March days, this road becomes even more beautiful with white, purple flowers that are extremely romantic.

Romantic Hoang Dieu Street in March. Photo: @lbaotran

Hoang Dieu Street is a special street of Hanoi capital because it is one of the few roads with 3 rows of tall, shady trees. On Hoang Dieu Street, there are many mother-of-pearl trees and rows of ban flowers stretching along the road. That is the reason that in the blooming season, tourists and local residents come here a lot to take pictures.

The beautiful flower streets in Hanoi are as romantic as Korea’s 
In March, white ban flowers bloom all over Hoang Dieu Street. Photo: @tunychann

Every season of the year, Hoang Dieu Street is beautiful. But perhaps this road is most beautiful in March and autumn days. When spring has gradually passed and March knocks on the door, it is also the time when the flowers on the road are brightly blooming. The white and purple banyan trees are all blooming in the sun, making the scene here as poetic as Korea.

The scene of Hoang Dieu Street is as romantic as Korea. Photo: @_thlynh._

If you travel to Hanoi in March, you must definitely go to Hoang Dieu Street to see the flowers and take pictures. On the long street interspersed between tall mother-of-pearl trees and clear flowers, promising to create a beautiful backdrop for you to comfortably photograph. In particular, the road with Doan Mon gate and French-style villas exude ancient and old features.

Young people go down the street to take pictures with the ban flower season. Photo: @_nacunn_

Like a beautiful flower street in Hanoi , Hoang Dieu is almost the hottest coordinate in March. People dress up on the street to see the flowers and to breathe in the fresh air before the change of season. All over the road, fresh ban flowers on the branches, ban flowers fall to the ground, painting a poetic scene to the heart.

How beautiful this road is in March. Photo: @thangaptek

Not only beautiful in March, but autumn on Hoang Dieu Street is also very lovely. That was the time when the green trees suddenly turned yellow. Each passing wind gently blows each fallen leaf, creating a poetic picture that captivates hearts who love the dreamy beauty of Hanoi. 

2. Phan Dinh Phung

One of the beautiful streets in the capital that you should take the time to walk, visit and explore is the Phan Dinh Phung route. This place is known as the most romantic street in Hanoi with two rows of crocodile trees planted along the sidewalk, providing shade all year round. 

Phan Dinh Phung is also a beautiful and romantic street in the capital. Photo: @h8angphuc

Phan Dinh Phung is almost beautiful and romantic all year round. Do you know why? That’s because, in spring and summer, crocodile flowers bloom in the sky. On each branch of green leaves, crocodile flowers form clusters of the white, yellow, and yellow moon which are extremely cute. Then when the flower season begins to fall, it is also the time when young people come here to take pictures.

Phan Dinh Phung is most beautiful in the season of crocodile flowers and autumn. Photo: @sucker4pain89

In autumn, Phan Dinh Phung Street is even more beautiful when the green leaves on the branches turn yellow and then flutter down the roadway with each wind. Who said Vietnam does not have romantic autumn-like Japan, like Korea? That’s because I haven’t been to Hanoi in the fall to walk on the yellow-leaf street named Phan Dinh Phung.

A very peaceful, very poetic Hanoi. Photo: @tat.14qn

Autumn is also the time when people and families go to the street to watch the yellow leaves fall, in order to capture beautiful and poetic moments on this road. Crocodile leaves fall on the road surface, forming beautiful thick layers of leaves. And whenever the wind blows, the yellow leaves leave their branches and flutter, creating a very poetic and romantic scene.

Romantic Phan Dinh Phung Street on autumn days when leaves change. Photo: @min_240193

If you want to feel the beauty of Hanoi in autumn, go to Phan Dinh Phung street to see the fallen leaves of the crocodile, to see couples and groups of friends excitedly taking pictures. How beautiful is a Hanoi that is both gentle and peaceful, and exudes something very poetic and poetic.

3. Youth

Thanh Nien Street is also a beautiful flower street in Hanoi that Ha Thanh residents and tourists especially love. This route is located between West Lake and Truc Bach Lake, with many rows of phoenix and canary trees. When summer comes, this road is full of bright colors. 

Thanh Nien Street located between West Lake and Truc Bach Lake is also very beautiful. Photo: Doan Bach

If Hoang Dieu and Phan Dinh Phung streets bring a nostalgic beauty, Thanh Nien street brings the beauty of youthfulness, comfort and spaciousness. This road is always windy, and there are many shops and restaurants serving tourists to visit and enjoy the scenery while walking around West Lake. 

In summer, Thanh Nien Street is filled with yellow canary flowers. Photo: @februaryspring

If in March, Hanoi has banyan flowers and succulents, in May, the capital will have the yellow color of canary flowers and the red color of phoenix flowers. And if you want to see the beauty of these two flowers, you just need to take a walk around Thanh Nien street to see them. The tall canary trees with bright yellow flower clusters under the summer sun, promise to be a very beautiful check-in background.

Yellow canary flowers under the summer sun. Photo: @phuogjj

Along with the yellow color of the canary trees, summer Hanoi also welcomes the brilliant red color of the rows of phoenix trees. Although Thanh Nien Street is not the place to grow the most phoenixes, every summer, the bright red color of phoenix flowers on the road adorns the picture on this street more prominently. 

Along Thanh Nien Street and the roads around West Lake, many phoenix flowers bloom in the summer. Photo: Times

In the summer, if you want to take a commemorative photo, just dress well, bring some accessories to the West Lake, and you will definitely have romantic photos with canary flowers or red phoenix flowers. No need to go far, right in the heart of the capital, there are countless beautiful coordinates for you to enjoy virtual life. 

4. Nguyen Du Street

Hanoi has many beautiful flower seasons, one of which is the milk flower season every autumn. The time when the sweltering summer passes and the cool autumn comes is also the time when Nguyen Du street is filled with clusters of white milk flowers with a characteristic fragrance spreading throughout the space. If you love this flower, you must definitely go to Nguyen Du Street to see it. 

Nguyen Du Street is a place where many milk flowers are grown. Photo: vtc

There are many beautiful flower streets in Hanoi and Nguyen Du is one of them. Here grow a lot of big milk flower trees, ancient trunks reaching up to the sky. Every season of milk flowers, just passing by, you can hear the sweet aroma creeping into each breath. And when the flowers begin to bloom, many people come here to take pictures.

Unlike the ban flower or the canary flower, the beauty of the milk flower is gentle, gentle but timider. The clusters of white flowers are nestled next to the green foliage, and are located at the top, so it is not easy to take pictures with the flowers. However, if you just want to “hunt” photos of milk flowers, just bring your camera to be able to take many beautiful pictures like that.

Hanoi’s new milk flower season is beautiful and poetic. Photo: vtc

Each beautiful flower street in Hanoi brings its own beauty, romance, peace, and freshness. Therefore, every season of the year in Ha Thanh has poetic things, bringing back beautiful and memorable memories for both local residents and tourists when coming to the capital.

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