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Young people flock to the wild sunflower garden in Hanoi

Wild sunflower garden has just opened in Hanoi, in full bloom has attracted a large number of tourists from the capital to visit and save special moments on the weekend afternoon.

If every year if you want to take pictures with wild sunflowers, people in the capital must go to Ba Vi National Park, now in Xuan Dinh ward (Bac Tu Liem), a similar flower garden also appears. From mid-November, thousands of flower buds here begin to bloom.

The green space mixed with the brilliant yellow of this flower creates a check-in place that attracts young people. The entrance ticket price is 50,000 VND, parking is free. Opening time is from 6:30 to 19:00.

Nguyen Thanh Van brought a film camera to capture the brilliant golden light of this flower.

Nguyen Thi Thao (18 years old), who lives in the Cau Giay district, takes advantage of the weekend to take pictures. She shared: “It’s about 5 km from my house to here, not too far. I find it quite suitable for busy people who can’t arrange time because the flower garden is located right in the inner city.”

The garden is especially suitable for families with small children who often have to be afraid to move far. In the photo, Mr. Minh Vu and his wife and friends choose this place as a destination for the weekend.

The pure and gentle beauty of wild sunflowers is suitable for colorful photos. However, because it just opened, the number of visitors here is quite limited. At 4pm on a weekend, there were only about 20 people.

Although coming here at 16:30, Ngan (21 years old) is still comfortable posing, choosing favorable and empty shooting angles.

Having a habit of taking photos at flower gardens, Phuong (38 years old) always prepares herself with suitable clothes. She thinks that this place is still a bit fragmented, the scenery is not linked very well: “However, there are many good angles to capture a good moment”.

The system of structures is designed around the flower clusters. The flower garden manager said that this place was originally a lotus pond. “However, in the last three to four years, when the lotus crop failed, we switched to growing wild sunflowers. The flower garden just started operating on November 23, again during the epidemic, faced many difficulties,” he said. .

The idea of ​​​​planting wild sunflowers came from a trip to Ba Vi of the owner because he thought it was beautiful, so he asked his friends for some samples to plant in his lotus pond. After 2 years, the flower garden has bloomed with dense density.

Wild sunflowers grow in bushes usually about 2-3 m high. This type of flower is also known by other names such as chrysanthemum, garden sunflower, wild sunflower… The flowers usually start to bloom in November and fall in mid-December.

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