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Churches in Hanoi are sparkling to welcome Christmas 2021

Churches in Hanoi are gradually completing their decoration, starting to shimmer at night to welcome Christmas 2021.

Ham Long parish church (Hoan Kiem district) has almost completed the decoration, the color light system has begun to shimmer for many days at night.

At the corner of the sidewalk facing Ngo Thi Nham street, there is an image of Christmas decoration and the prominent words “Merry Christmas”.

Inside the large yard is a small cave where the Nativity attracts many parishioners and visitors to take souvenir photos.

A moment of respect from parishioners at Ham Long church.

Hanoi Cathedral (Hoan Kiem district) is still in the repair phase, scaffolding and canvas are still present outside.

However, the front yard is still full of miniatures, caves and Christmas trees decorated with sparkling lights.

Although it is in the process of restoring the church, it does not affect the preparation of Christmas decorations. There has never been a year without a picture of a Christmas tree here.

Decorative lights have been lit for many days, making this area even more vibrant and showing its central role.

Young people began to flock to the Cathedral to have fun and take pictures.

Lovely moment with Santa Claus hats of Christmas.

Hanoi Cathedral with the official name St. Joseph Cathedral will be the most crowded place on Christmas Eve in Hanoi. A very large number of people poured in starting from the afternoon and it was not until 0:00 that it gradually disappeared.

Thai Ha parish church has also completed the decoration of colorful lights.

This year, the church has many special pine trees, displayed from outside the gate to the courtyard.

At Cua Bac Church, the decoration of colored lights and pine trees has also been nearly completed. At night, the colored lights were shining brightly, but there were almost no visitors or photographers.

Small scene of rock cave at Cua Bac church. Follow(Dan Tri)

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