20.10.2022, 08:56

Three typical Com-based dishes of Hanoi’s autumn

Banana dipped Com, sticky Com or stir-fried Com are special dishes made from Com, which often appear to coincide with the autumn of Hanoi.

Autumn in Hanoi is usually short, only about a month when the weather will start to change, and the wind and the sun will be hot. This is the time when the weather is nice and to enjoy the typical dishes of autumn, including nuggets. Many people also say that “seeing nuggets is seeing the whole autumn of Hanoi”.

Three typical Com-based dishes of Hanoi’s autumn
Sticky Com , fresh Com and fried Com – typical dishes of Hanoi’s autumn. Photo: An Dat

Banana dipping nuggets

A typical experience when visiting Hanoi in the fall is “hunting” the burdens of nuggets hawking on the old town. Otherwise, you can visit Vong village in the Cau Giay district or the markets to buy nuggets… Com Moc, or fresh com, is wrapped in lotus leaves, then tightly wrapped with dried Com fibers. Wood nuggets taste better when served with bananas. It is not clear why Hanoi people have the habit of eating bananas with com, but no one can deny the reasonableness of eating these two dishes.

Bananas used for dipping nuggets must be pepper bananas, yellow skin, sweet and firm fruit, not western bananas. Because bananas have adhesion, when eaten with nuggets, it is easy to dot without fear of the nuggets falling off. Dotted with nuggets and put them in the mouth, we feel the sweetness and smoothness combined with the plasticity and aroma of the nuggets to create a nutty, addictive taste.

Fresh green Com served with banana pepper. Photo: Halabui

Sticky Com Com

When it’s autumn, at sticky Com shops, sellers often alternately add green sticky Com plates that are very eye-catching, which is sticky Com . Sticky Com is now sold all year round, but it must be popular and delicious in autumn. In autumn, nuggets are always fresh because there is always a new batch instead of storing them in the freezer. The seeds are firm, flexible and fleshy, used to make delicious sticky Com .

Com used to make sticky Com must be sticky and flexible, instead of being too loose and separating each grain. Sticky Com with lotus seeds and simmered green beans, mixed with shredded young coconut that has been turned over with sugar and fat. Sticky Com also stimulates the sense of smell with the gentle aroma from the ingredients. The characteristic plasticity and nuggets make sticky Com sticky Com different from other types, plus the gentle aroma and harmonious color make diners nostalgic.

You can buy sticky Com nuggets along Hang Than street, Chan Cam street or the old town sticky Com shop at 26 Gia Ngu.

Fried Com is usually sold at sticky Com – tea shops. Photo: An Dat

Stir-fried green Com

If most of the dishes made from nuggets cause nostalgia because of the gentle aroma and taste, fried Com is the choice for diners who want to eat a dish with a clearer flavor. Among the specialties of Com , fried Com is probably the sweetest and most flexible.

Stir-fried com is often sold at traditional Hanoi tea shops, and can be served with coconut milk or sprinkled with young coconut on top. Therefore, fried Com has a rich and aromatic taste. The dish is so flexible and blended that it is difficult to roll it up with a spoon, so in some stores, people cut it into small pieces. Stir-fried green Com is used as a snack, an afternoon gift or enjoyed with green tea.

Suggested places to eat fried nuggets are Ba Thin Sticky Com at 1 Bat Dan or Old 1976 Thap Cam at 72G Tran Hung Dao.