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Flowers of the Northwestern blooms beautifully on the streets of Hanoi

Flower ban – the flower carrying the breath of the Northwestern mountains seems to dispel the gray, gray of the cold weather in Hanoi. Create beautiful, dreamy beauty.

Ban flower is a typical flower of the Northwest mountainous region. Every about after the Lunar New Year, the original flowers begin to bloom.
Ban flowers are white mixed with purple rose, a gentle color that always makes many people love.
As a “specialty” of the Northwest, but flowers have appeared in Hanoi for many years. The colors of flowers are spreading out in many streets and parks, making Hanoi more romantic.
Along the streets of Bac Son, Hoang Dieu, Giang Vo … the image of blooming flowers blooming brilliantly every spring comes is no stranger to Hanoians.
This year the warmer weather makes the flower trees on the streets of Hanoi bloom about 3 weeks early compared to previous years.
Ban Hoa (also known as Northwest ban, striped crown, striped cow hooves) is a species of flowering plant in the legume family, originating in southeast Asia (from southern China extending west to India. Degree).
On the Bac Son – Hoang Dieu route, the place associated with the image of flowers attracts a large number of people coming to take pictures and keep memories.
The COVID-19 epidemic is complicated, so when people come here to check-in, they still comply with epidemic prevention measures.
The legend of Hoa Ban is associated with an intense but also tearful love story of Ban and Khum in the Northwestern mountains. Therefore, people still consider flower ban as the symbolic flower of love.
The flowers bearing the breath of the Northwestern mountains seem to dispel the gray, gray of the cold weather in Hanoi. Create a dreamy beauty, anxious.
The flowers first begin to bloom in early spring, around March, most blooming in early April and fading when May comes.

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