22.05.2021, 19:34

Satisfied with the golden canaries blooming brilliantly on the streets of Thanh

Under the hot summer sun, the canary flowers bloom brilliantly, making many streets in Thanh Hoa city seem to be painted with new colors that look really eye-catching. 

In May, along the roads of Phan Chu Trinh, Trieu Quoc Dat, Thanh Hoa city is a brilliant yellow with canary petals blooming.

Two rows of canary flowers along Phan Chu Trinh street, Thanh Hoa city show off their brilliant yellow color.

The canary flower season usually lasts for about 2 months, from May to July. 

Canary canary, also known as Queen Muong, lantern flower, water scorpion, yellow scorpion…, is a plant that grows well in sunny and well-drained places.

Each degree of canary flowers bloom, many people are extremely excited to see the flowers. In particular, the streets with blooming canary flowers are always an ideal destination to “check-in”.

A resident is posing “check-in” in front of the beauty of canary flowers.

The canary flowers bloom most beautifully around May, when the bright rays of the summer sun shine down through each leaf slit.

These days, walking along Phan Chu Trinh route from Da Lan roundabout to Thanh Hoa station, everywhere is filled with the yellow color of canary flowers.

The brilliant yellow canary, with the sunlight of summer, creates a colorful scene on the street.

Under the canary tree, people seem to drop their souls into a charming landscape picture.

Canary flowers bloom in large clusters, oval petals, covered with a smooth golden color.

Canaries bloom brilliantly by Thanh Lake, Thanh Hoa city.

Yellow canary flowers are as heavy as hanging chandeliers.

Although not as fragrant as other flowers, canary flowers have a faint fragrance and delicately shaped petals. 

Canary yellow color on Phan Chu Trinh street, Thanh Hoa city. Follow Dan trí