27.04.2021, 10:54

The streets full of cute flowers, touching your hands are shaped like ‘virtual life’

The whole street of confetti rose, golden scorpion ‘sprung silk’, many streets of Ho Chi Minh City and Can Giuoc, Long An became super beautiful check-in spots for young people to ‘live virtual’.

Like a princess in the middle of the beautiful confetti in Tan Kim industrial park, Long An. PHOTO BY HOANG HIEU VAN

On weekends or holidays coming April 30, you don’t need to visit tourist sites to save the images ” virtual live “. There are flowery streets not far from Ho Chi Minh City or right in the city that are enough for you to check in on social networks .

From before Tet until now, a row of confetti tens of meters long in Tan Kim Industrial Park, Highway 50, Tan Kim Commune, Can Giuoc, Long An suddenly became a check-in point for a large number of young people. With two main colors, dark pink and white, in sunny days, blooming flowers create giant blocks of flowers, making the background for super cute . PHOTOs.

The long road is blooming confetti in Tan Kim Industrial Park, Can Giuoc, Long AnPHOTO BAO VY

Located right on Highway 50, close to Binh Chanh, 13 km from District 8, this place is chosen by many young couples to take wedding . PHOTOs or girls transforming into princesses to capture the unforgettable moment. .Security staff of Tan Kim Industrial Park said that the bougainvillea planted from the industrial zone’s construction area has been blooming so beautifully before but few people know it. About 22 December, after a number of beautiful .

PHOTOs posted on social networks of some young people, many people come here to take wedding . PHOTOs, souvenir . PHOTOs make this area even more “hot”. “Rainy days these days, so flowers fall off, but in the previous days it was much more brilliant”, he shared.

The poet checked-in in front of a row of beautiful confetti in Long AnPHOTO BY HOANG HIEU VAN

The end of April is also the time when the yellow scorpion flower (canary) blooms brightly on many streets in Ho Chi Minh City. In District 8, in a branch of Bong Sao Street, Ward 5, near B1 building, a whole street is distracting by the yellow color of this cute flower.

When the yellow scorpion is in the right season, when the whole tree is only sparse, people can only see the yellow, dreamy flower clusters …

Ho Chi Minh City is noisy, in a hurry, but there are always small corners for young people to find peace. Not only a place to take pictures of “virtual living”, flowery streets, as a way for you to love and bond with this place. Walk very slowly tomorrow, maybe you are trembling by from a cluster of flowers, or giant bougainvillea trees in front of a cafe in a small alley?

Bougainvillea flowers bloom from 1st to 3rd floor of a cafe near Bong Sao Park, District 8PHOTO BAO VY

The golden scorpion makes the road unusually gracefulPHOTO BAO VY
A corner of kindergarten 19.5, District 8 is colorful with flowersPHOTO BAO VY
Yellow flowers and a yellow carpet spread on who …Follow Thanh Nien/PHOTO BAO VY