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The road more than 2 km in brilliant purple flowers with mausoleum: Young people check-in

Nguyen Hue Street (Vinh Long City, Vinh Long City) is brilliantly purple with flowers in the mausoleum, signaling one more summer coming. This is the longest and most beautiful flower road in Vinh Long city today.

The road more than 2 km in brilliant purple flowers with mausoleum: Young people check-in

Many young people check-in the street of the bright purple flowers in the mausoleum.PHOTO: XUAN PHUC

Go through TP. In Vinh Long these days, many people cannot help being amazed by the beauty of the purple flowers on the mausoleum stretching for about 2 km on Nguyen Hue Street (Ward 2, Vinh Long City, Vinh Long). In the middle of the row of purple flowers, there are a few lentils blooming in pink as the color of this flower path.

Nguyen Hue Street (Ward 2, Vinh Long City) is flooded with purple flowers, stretching for more than 2 kmPHOTO: XUAN PHUC
Purple dye on both sides of the roadPHOTO: XUAN PHUC

Like the phoenix flower, the mausoleum usually blooms in the summer as a priority to preserve the memory of the pupil’s age . The bright purple road with the mausoleum makes many young people flutter when passing, they have to stop to save this brilliant moment.

Lilies bloom in the summer as keeping memories of school agePHOTO: XUAN PHUC

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Duong (26 years old, a preschool teacher, living in Binh Phuoc commune, H.Mang Thit, Vinh Long) said that on weekends she often appoints friends to go somewhere for relief and share sentences together. the story in life. When passing Nguyen Hue Street, she was “mesmerized” by the purple color of the flower. “This morning, my friends and I passed here, seeing the beautiful blooming mausoleum flowers, so rushed to take some.

PHOTOs of this beautiful moment”, Ms. Duong said happily.

Many young people passing by had to stop and save a brilliant momentPHOTO: XUAN PHUC
A young woman took advantage of a beautiful image on the side of the road dyed with purple flowersPHOTO: XUAN PHUC

Similarly, Ms. Huynh Anh Thu (23 years old, living in Long An commune, Long Ho district, Vinh Long province) also “lives virtual” along the same purple flower mausoleum road, said: “Planting trees to create shade but have flowers. It blooms even more, adorns this city more beautifully I went through many streets planted with mausoleum but only here are the flowers blooming evenly and the most beautiful. So I stopped by to check-in to post it. Social networks show off to friends, ‘said Thu.

The tree has a beautiful flower color, the canopy gives shade, so it is mainly grown for the urban landscape. Lentil flowers have many different colors: dark purple, light purple, pink fade, and especially pink. In Vinh Long, there are many paths to grow trees with mausoleum, but the section with flowers blooming evenly and the most beautiful is Nguyen Hue Street and the most brilliant is the one in front of Vinh Long University of Technical Education. Follow Thanh Nien Online

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