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The April confetti season has arrived everywhere, have you prepared your virtual life yet?

The confetti season in April every year is an opportunity for young people to “hunt” and save beautiful moments with this colorful flower. 

In April, confetti blooms everywhere

If there are ban flowers and rice flowers in March, when April comes, all parts of the country will be filled with the colors of confetti. The bougainvillea season in April has actually started since March, but the flowers will be most beautiful, most prominent in the mid and late April, when the yellow sun dyes all three regions of the country. 

The April confetti season has arrived everywhere, have you prepared your virtual life yet?
The bougainvillea blooms on summer days. Photo: @qtrang2407

Paper flowers are inherently an easy-to-grow, easy-to-live, sun-loving flower. So every summer, along with the colors of phoenix and bougainvillea flowers, bloom again, adorning the nature of heaven and earth more fresh. Unlike sunflower, which only has yellow color, confetti is loved because it has all kinds of red, pink, orange and pure white colors.

Paper flowers in Ta Pa pagoda, An Giang. Photo: Tra Van

In particular, this flower also has the ability to “climb”, easily shape bonsai, bend into a gate or let the flower rise on its own, large and fresh under the bright, golden sun. Perhaps because of their pleasant temperament, bougainvillea is chosen to be planted in front of porches, parks or even roads in big cities. 

The bougainvillea is native to South America and is a heat-loving flower. Photo: @dulichhoahong

The bougainvillea is a flower native to South America, loves heat and does not tolerate cold. That is the reason that the bougainvillea season in April is the time when the weather becomes hotter than ever. Fragile, rustic flowers should be called bougainvillea. The flowers bloom almost all year round but bloom most in the summer. So every April – May, people go hunting for photos of confetti.

Colorful confetti in Lau pagoda, An Giang. Photo: Tra Van

Although they do not possess a unique or haughty shape, the strength of confetti comes from color. The flower itself has many colors. But even more interesting when each flower can also bloom 2-3 colors at the same time, creating an impressive and different beauty, few flowers have.

Paper flowers are flowers of different colors. Photo: @360nomad

Paper flowers have a peaceful and simple beauty, symbolizing simple love but full of happiness. Therefore, this flower is loved by many people, planted in yards, pagodas, fences and even major roads. Every summer, when I step out onto the street and meet the blooming bougainvillea, I suddenly feel strangely peaceful and comfortable.

The coordinates to watch the beautiful April bougainvillea season


The confetti season in April has arrived, as an invitation to young people to take to the streets to photograph confetti. So where are the most blooming confetti. No need to go far, in Saigon, you can also find places with lots of confetti to see flowers and take pictures. Just one drive on the street is easy to see beautiful flower arrangements.

Ton Duc Thang University students check in with the bougainvillea in front of the school gate. Photo: @heycamienef

However, the most famous place to see confetti in Saigon in recent years is the gate of Ton Duc Thang University. The long wall in front of the school gate is covered with confetti, brilliant with red, red, white and white flowers in April. Just by accident passing by, you will see a beautiful flower sky right in front of your eyes.

Bright rose shoes, stand in and have a beautiful photo right away. Photo: @nhingo_2102

No need to wait for tourists or photographers to take photos, the school’s students have “promoted” with beautiful photos all over Instagram and Facebook. The flower rig is inherently beautiful and natural, anyone who comes to stand in will also have good photo frames to bring home. So, if you love confetti season,  come here to take pictures.

Paper flower truss on Le Van Sy bridge. Photo: @hoagiaysaigon

In addition to this location, the road from Binh Khanh ferry to Can Gio also has a lot of confetti planted with beautiful blooming flowers. Or you can go along to the end of Nguyen Van Luong street, follow the Hoang Sa – Truong Sa canal to admire the beautiful blooming bougainvillea. 

Vung Tau

Located next to Saigon is the beautiful and brilliant coastal city of Vung Tau in the bougainvillea season in April. For a long time, Vung Tau has been famous for many coordinates to see beautiful confetti, attracting a large number of tourists to check in and take pictures. image. If you have the opportunity to travel to Vung Tau in this season, remember to “dress up” to take the most beautiful photos.

Vung Tau is also home to the beautiful April bougainvillea season. Photo: @ginn1011

So where to see Vung Tau confetti? There are many places for you to see flowers and take pictures. The most famous of which are Tran Phu Street, Thuy Van Street, Vo Nguyen Giap Street, the way to Vung Tau Lighthouse and Vi Ba Street. In addition, you can leisurely ride a motorbike to explore every little corner of Vung Tau, maybe you will encounter beautiful flowers blooming. 

Hoi An

One of the best coordinates for viewing flowers and taking pictures in the April bougainvillea season is Hoi An. For a long time, the ancient town of Hoi An has been famous for its bougainvillea plants planted along the fences, in front of houses or in lovely cafes. So when summer comes, you just go to Hoi An, you will definitely get ravishing photos.

Hoi An bougainvillea is so beautiful and captivating. Photo: @duminhtam2101

If you visit the old town for the first time, you just need to walk around the streets or leisurely on a bicycle, you will inevitably encounter the red, white, yellow, orange confetti, standing out on the yellow walls, etc. . And if you want to find the place with the most confetti, you should go to the Bridge Pagoda, the wall of Hoang Van Thu, etc. to see the huge flower trellises.

Visitors take souvenir photos with confetti. Photo: @monastudio

Paper flowers are beautiful everywhere, but Hoi An ‘s confetti season is even more beautiful. The moss-covered old streets with characteristic golden walls are now adorned with colorful flower arrangements that are more beautiful and more loving. Just walking down the street with your phone and camera in hand, you will surely bring back many beautiful photos. 


The bougainvillea is one of the most beautiful flowers blooming in April in the West. In this season, the land of nine dragons has the purple color of mausoleum, the color of pink lips, and the yellow color of the bright lily flower. But perhaps the flower that blooms the most is the bougainvillea. Because on all the roads of the West, you will come across many beautiful flower arrangements.

Beautiful white confetti in Hang Pagoda, An Giang. Photo: Tra Van

The West has 13 provinces, so it’s probably difficult to make statistics about which province has the most flowers. But if you have time, go back to An Giang, Can Tho, Dong Thap,… to see the fragile but brilliant bougainvillea under this hot sun. Sometimes there is no need to search on Google Maps, just wandering on the road, you have encountered beautiful flower arrangements.

Paper flowers bloom at Hang Pagoda, An Giang. Photo: Tra Van

If you have the opportunity to travel to An Giang in April, take the time to visit the Lau and Hang pagodas. These are two beautiful and famous temples of the province, possessing top-notch architecture and especially with many blooming bougainvillea. Huge red and pink flowers. The trellis of white and orange flowers are planted everywhere, adorning the picture of the Bay Nui region more beautiful and prominent.

Experience of photographing confetti season in April

In order to have the best photos in the April bougainvillea season , you may need to prepare a little, specifically as follows:

Regarding the location to take pictures, depending on the location or the trip, you choose the most suitable coordinates. If you are living in Saigon, just spending a weekend walking around the streets will be able to take many beautiful photos.

You should choose white clothes when taking photos with confetti. Photo: @ntat_min2809_

In terms of costumes, you should choose clothes with colors that stand out more than the color of confetti. If you take pictures in red, pink, orange, yellow flowers, etc., you should wear white, blue, purple, beige, etc. to get a better photo. And if you check in at the white confetti, you just need to wear clothes with hot colors to be beautiful.

Regarding the means, depending on the conditions you take pictures with your phone or camera. Of course, the camera will be slightly better in quality. However, shooting with a phone is faster, color correction or app shooting is also much more convenient. 

Turn into a muse with the confetti season in April. Photo: @mi_le.6

In terms of accessories, you can bring conical hats, sedge bags, sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats, umbrellas, etc. to create many beautiful photography styles, have a satisfactory set of photos in this year’s bougainvillea season. Of course, don’t forget to apply sunscreen because the April sun is really hot and uncomfortable.

The confetti season in April has come and gone, do you want to take some beautiful photos as a souvenir? What are you waiting for, without choosing the most beautiful costumes to photograph the confetti season right away, lest the flowers fade away! 

Photo: Instagram

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