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Thanh Da Peninsula – meeting point to see Saigon at night

From 19:00, the restaurants in Thanh Da began to bustle, on the other side of the Landmark 81 shore, the lights shone in the sky of Saigon.

Thanh Da Peninsula – meeting point to see Saigon at night
Thanh Da peninsula (Binh Thanh district, HCMC) is surrounded by the Saigon River and Thanh Da canal. This place is a familiar meeting place for many people who want to see the city on the lights or enjoy the breeze along the river. Photo: Quynh Tran
From Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street, tourists follow the direction of Kinh bridge, cross the Thanh Da canal, to Binh Quoi street, turn right to Thanh Da street, ward 27, Binh Thanh district. At the end of the road is an embankment, where there are restaurants for customers to sit and eat.
Along the more than 200 m long road, there are nearly 30 beverage, snacks, snails, hot pot … From 15:00, many restaurants have set up tables and chairs for customers, until more than midnight to clean the goods. The busiest hours are from 20:30 to 23:00.
From 19:00, the city lights up shimmering, the Landmark 81 building stands out in colorful colors on the horizon. On the big Tet holidays of the year, the peninsula attracts people to watch fireworks from this building and the tunnel area across the Saigon River.
“On major holidays, this road has no place to go, cars are crowded. If you want to see the fireworks, you must come early to have seats. Everyday visitors are also crowded, my house sells small soft drinks. but also has an additional income of more than 1 million VND per night “, Mr. Minh (60 years old), the head of a household business in Thanh Da, said.
Along the way to the Thanh Da residence, there were a long line of take-away food trucks. “The food prices here are affordable, though not as diverse as the food markets, but there are also delicious dishes, so our group of friends often invite each other to the Thanh Da area to play, enjoy the wind, talk. This area is cool and airy. So I like it, “said Kha Uyen (Binh Thanh district).
Bao Ngoc snail restaurant is an attractive destination with 15 types of snails processed with all kinds of dishes. Snails are sold by the owner from Binh Dien market (District 8). Each night, the shop sells about 30 kg of snails.
The most expensive ones are nail snails, snails sauteed with garlic, tamarind, sauteed morning glory, grilled scallops with onion fat, and grilled chili sauce (photo). The price for each piece of snail here is 30,000 VND. The shop sells from 17:00 to 0:00, the most popular time is around 19:00.

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