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Saigon’s biggest dumpling street

HO CHI MINH CITY – Busy traffic, people waiting in line to buy food, the sound of ordering food … made Ha Ton Quyen street revived.

Ha Ton Quyen Street, District 11, is a famous Chinese-born dumpling address, with shops along both sides of the road from house numbers 150 to more than 200. The whole neighborhood is always busy, crowded with people coming in and out. especially afternoon and evening. The dishes here are plentiful including fried, dried (oyster sauce), dumplings, shrimp, squid, mixed, fish balls, pulled noodles… with an average price of about 55,000 VND/piece.

Guests coming here often drive along the street, there will be people from the shops on both sides of the road to greet guests, guide the free parking space and then enter the house to order food. After nearly 5 months of not serving at the place to prevent Covid-19, on the evening of October 28, many diners came to this famous street to enjoy the sweet and low-fat dumplings.

Ms. Huong, 30 years old, manager and cashier of a large restaurant on Ha Ton Quyen Street, said she was happy to see customers return. “The roads are busy and for sale on the spot, so many people also come here because they like to sit at the restaurant and eat more deliciously. Compared to before the epidemic, now the customers come to the shop is relatively crowded, even on the first day, it is more crowded than usual. usually,” Huong said.

Saigon’s biggest dumpling street
Ha Ton Quyen Dumpling Street was bustling on the evening of October 28. Photo: Huynh Nhi

Two friends, Hieu, in Binh Tan and Nam, in Tan Binh, were paired with a single customer. Nam said this was his first time coming here and was surprised by the crowded and bustling scene, and it was difficult to find a parking space. “My table has 3 people, it’s also a bit shy to sit with strangers because the shop is full, waiting for a long time, looking around, there are two people at each table, so I and my friends eat together,” Nam shared.

After ordering dumplings with ginseng juice, Hieu and Nam did not have to wait long, the food was delivered quickly. Both ate quite well. “Staying at home for a few months, I feel very suffocated, now I can go out to eat on the street, I feel more comfortable, eating at the restaurant is still the best,” said Hieu, after a period of social distancing, even though he could eat at the restaurant. The place, the atmosphere is bustling, the food is better, but she still has a shy, unnatural mentality.

Hieu (white shirt) takes you to eat dumplings after months of social distancing. Photo: Huynh Nhi

Among the large number of diners coming to Ha Ton Quyen Street, many people still choose to buy take-out because they are still hesitant to eat on the spot. Mr. Long, who lives in District 3 with his wife, said: “I’m used to this place, often come here to buy dumplings. I heard the news that they were selling their wife here, but when I got there, I saw too many people, and it looked bustling as well. I’m happy, but I’m also a bit scared. After the recent epidemic, I have to be more careful and conscious. I still cook at home if I want something, I buy it to take away, but I’m afraid to sit at the restaurant.”

Before the fourth Covid-19 outbreak, the street was open all day, most crowded from 5 pm to 10 pm, and many shops were open until late at night. Currently, restaurants are only allowed to sell until 9 pm and serve up to 50% capacity. Guests who come to enjoy dumplings should go early to have a fuller selection of dishes because many dishes quickly “sold out”.

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