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Dumplings are the best street food in Vietnam

Dumplings, not pho or bun cha, are the first names honored on Lonely Planet’s list.

Dumplings are the best street food in Vietnam
The world-famous travel guide Lonely Planet has just listed the best street food in Vietnam when it released the book Eat Vietnam. Topping this list is the bread bag . Lonely Planet described this dish: “It is a savory steamed bun. The filling can be minced pork mixed with onions, mushrooms and other vegetables. More expensive types will have quail eggs, chicken. Remember not to forget to remove the paper lining the bottom of the cake when eating.” Photo: Hoang Le Quyen
The second name mentioned is banh beo . A piece of white cake is greased with a layer of fat and then placed on a plate. Shrimp lice are sauteed on a pan until the desired golden color, sprinkled on top. Finally, the fat is added last. In Vietnam, there are many versions of banh beo, associated with places like Hue, Nghe An, Quang Binh, Quang Ngai, Hai Phong… Photo: talithaeatsalot/Instagram
From a simple dish of the Cham people , today’s banh can is no longer a unique dish of Phan Rang (Ninh Thuan) but has become an attractive specialty, and many foreign tourists are also quite “addicted” to this dish. . The pure white cake, hot, filled with eggs, meat and shrimp… Depending on the taste of the person who enjoys it, the cake is taken when it’s just cooked to be immediately dropped into a bowl of finely chopped scallions. Photo: Le Bich
Originating from Tay Ninh, mixed rice paper is a favorite snack of local students and students and is gradually popular in the southern provinces. A full set of mixed rice paper includes sliced ​​rice paper, mango, peanuts, laksa leaves, dried beef, dried squid, quail eggs, dried shrimp, salted shrimp… and some other ingredients depending on the seller. Photo: Ngan Duong
Bo Bia is also a borrowed word from the Hokkien Chinese to name the dish, not because the roll contains beef inside. Hanoi and the northern provinces often eat sweet beef, including soft and chewy rice paper made from flour, fatty grated coconut, crispy malt candy bars, and black sesame seeds. Meanwhile, diners in Saigon and the southern provinces are often familiar with salty beef (pictured), with the filling often having sausages, omelets, carrots, lettuce, cassava roots, dried shrimp, herbs. .. Photo: homnay_tuiangi/Instagram
Fried dough cake attracts diners by its hot crispy outer shell, soft and greasy inside. Cake flour is what determines the deliciousness of the dish. The dough after frying must be soft but not mushy, so it won’t harden for a long time. In addition to the two main ingredients, flour and eggs, the dish served also has green onions and fat. Photo: Lonely Planet
The next dish mentioned is dumplings, with the introduction: “This attractive dish is filled with shrimp, pork or shallot leaves. Some places are steamed, some places will be deep-fried, served with sweet and sour dipping sauce. , chili sauce and raw vegetables, pickles Photo: Ngan Duong
Papaya salad is one of the street foods loved by young people. The dish consists of shredded green papaya, served with herbs, roasted peanuts, and sweet and sour sauce. People often eat it with roasted bird meat, dried beef, roasted meat… Photo: Phuong Anh
Sticky rice is the next dish mentioned. Hanoians often eat sticky rice with fried rice or cha, white sticky rice with braised meat, sausages… Saigon people choose to eat with char siu, roasted chicken, quail eggs…
Mornings on normal days, driving around. Around the streets of Hanoi, people see no shortage of sidewalk stalls and stalls. Sitting close to sitting on low plastic chairs, diners can smell the faint smell of sticky rice, following the high smoke emanating from the pots, or baskets, which are covered with a thin layer of cloth to keep them hot. Photo: Lan Huong

Anh Minh (According to Lonely Planet )

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