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Vietnam has 8 dishes that are praised by foreign newspapers: All specialties to guests must be “addicted”

Not only conquering the taste of international friends, but these dishes also continuously appear in foreign newspapers with “winged” compliments.

Thanks to the unique taste, the combination a variety of ingredients, Vietnamese cuisine always has been a great attraction to foreign tourists. The dishes that make up our “brand” such as pho, bread, bun cha, broken rice, etc. have been tried by tourists and given a lot of praise. Not only that, these dishes are also constantly praised in famous foreign newspapers, making Vietnamese people extremely proud.

Noodle Soup

No exaggeration, pho is a Vietnamese dish that is loved by many international friends. Not only that, the number of times pho appeared in foreign media is also uncountable. Currently, pho is present everywhere, from popular eateries to luxury restaurants. This dish is even “exported” to countries such as Japan, the UK, the US, etc. In 2019, pho was voted by the famous American magazine – CNN as one of the 50 best dishes. world. Besides, this dish has also entered the top 100 world-famous dishes announced by the World Records Union.

Vietnam has 8 dishes that are praised by foreign newspapers: All specialties to guests must be “addicted”

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In addition to the famous traditional pho, each region will have a different recipe for pho variations, but the common point is still the unique flavor of the broth that is simmered from the bones, served with pho noodles and sliced ​​beef. thin.

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Besides pho, bread also has a big attraction, both for Vietnamese and foreign tourists. Because in addition to cheap price, convenient to carry, this cake is also a harmonious combination of many ingredients together, creating a very unique taste. Moreover, in addition to the traditional burger, today’s bread is also modified with many novel versions such as dried shumai bread, filtered flour bread, banh lau, cocoa bread, etc. It is thanks to the diversity. In this form, Vietnamese bread has excellently entered the top 20 best street foods on the planet voted by the famous American online news site – Huffington Post.

Photo: @phucvo98, @hana.foodie

Spring rolls

In Vietnam, spring rolls are also quite popular snacks. The ingredients of this dish include a transparent outer layer of rice paper, wrapped in boiled shrimp, pork belly, fresh vermicelli, and raw vegetables inside. The special feature of the salad roll is that there is no obvious dipping sauce, but depending on the taste of the eater, it can be combined with black sauce, seasoning sauce, garlic chili sauce or peanut butter sauce.

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More specifically, when eaten, the salad will have a light feeling due to less hot and spicy spices, not fried. In addition, this dish also contains many healthy green vegetables. It is these things that have made spring rolls become an easy dish to eat, easy to “addict” to many people. Not only that, in the list of 50 best dishes in the world voted by CNN magazine, spring rolls are also named as attractive salad rolls of Vietnam and ranked at 30th place.

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Banh Xeo must be familiar to Vietnamese people, because this dish not only has a delicious taste but also has a very affordable price and is easy to find. Depending on the region, the processing of pancakes will vary. For example, in the South, Banh Xeo is usually large in size, with a thin and crispy crust, while in the Central region, the cake will be small and have a thicker crust. However, in any region, the common point of pancakes is always the filling of shrimp, meat, bean sprouts, and green beans, served with sweet and sour fish sauce. More specifically, in 2019, Banh Xeo was praised by the travel magazine The Culture Trip and recommended that tourists enjoy it at least once when coming to Vietnam.

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Southern beef noodle soup

Unlike the Northern beef vermicelli and Hue beef vermicelli, the Southern beef noodle soup will not have a broth, but instead, is a spicy chili garlic fish sauce sprinkled directly into the bowl and mixed well to enjoy.

Photo: @eatwithbeann_

The ingredients of Nam Bo vermicelli are also quite simple, usually only fresh vermicelli, fried beef, roasted peanuts and raw vegetables. When eaten, the tender and fragrant beef blends with the crisp and cool taste of bean sprouts, the richness of roasted peanuts, plus a variety of fresh raw vegetables to create a rustic yet pleasant taste. Therefore, this dish was once rated as one of the most attractive dishes in the world by Stars Insider magazine, making many people proud.

Photo: @eatwithbeann_

Bun cha

There is no need to introduce too much because Hanoi bun cha has long become a dish that attracts a large number of diners, especially foreign guests. This dish is not only impressive in the processing stage but also the way of eating is very unique. A portion of bun cha will include charcoal-grilled pork, fresh vermicelli, herbs and of course, the signature broth. When eating, just take a portion of vermicelli, dip it in the broth and add grilled meat and raw vegetables to the “right post”.

Photo: @eatwithbeann_

Thanks to its special taste, Hanoi bun cha fan has been listed by the famous travel site National Geographic as one of the top 10 best street foods in the world. In addition, the travel magazine The Culture Trip also suggests that visitors should enjoy Hanoi-flavored bun cha when traveling to Vietnam.

Photo: @bachuaviahe

Broken rice

If Hanoi is famous for pho and bun cha, Ho Chi Minh City also has a famous specialty dish, broken rice. This dish not only conquers domestic foodies but also “beats” the taste buds of many international tourists. Broken rice is usually cooked from broken rice, served with grilled ribs, pork belly, egg rolls and added with chili garlic fish sauce. In 2019, broken rice was honored by The Culture Trip travel magazine as one of the best dishes in Vietnam.

Photo: @homnay_tuiangi

Quang Noodles

Referring to the “soul” dishes of the land of Quang Nam, Quang noodles cannot be missed. This dish is simple but full of flavors, just pick up a chopstick of noodles and put it in your mouth, you will feel the chewy noodles are mixed with the delicious fatty broth that is simmered from pork bones. A portion of traditional Quang noodles has ingredients such as lean pork, shrimp, chicken, quail eggs, and rice paper. However, Quang noodles have now been modified with many different flavors, such as Quang shrimp noodles, Quang chicken noodles, Quang char siu noodles, etc. Each dish gives diners different flavors. Because of this variety, the travel magazine The Culture Trip voted Quang noodles as one of the most delicious dishes in Vietnam that visitors should try.

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