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10 Vietnamese dishes praised by foreign newspapers in 2022

Bread, iced milk coffee, and beef noodle soup are three of the top 10 dishes rated by American and Canadian newspapers as the best in Vietnam.

In early January, CNN published a list of the world’s most delicious dishes with water, according to a vote from culinary experts. One of the first dishes mentioned is beef noodle soup , Vietnam.

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Beef noodle soup is still the most popular version of pho, according to an introduction from CNN. Beef noodle soup usually has two main types: cooked and rare beef. Cooked beef are pieces of meat that are boiled in broth, and rare beef is thinly sliced ​​​​meat, blanched quickly in boiling water. Then, the seller will arrange those slices of meat on the noodle soup, pour the broth and serve the diners. Photo: Phuong Anh

In April, filter cake was the name mentioned when CNN praised Vietnamese cuisine. This is the most famous and typical dish of Hue cuisine.

Cake made from tapioca flour with shrimp paste and a piece of fatty meat to make the cake more fragrant and fat. Wrapping the cake is usually dong or banana leaves, the aroma of the leaves also affects the taste of the cake after steaming. When diners peel off the green leaves, it will reveal a soft, transparent cake and can clearly see the shrimp and meat inside. Photo: Ngan Duong

At the end of May, the orange cake is a representative from Vietnam on the list of the best donuts in the world. The cake is round and orange in color, so named after this fruit. The cake is made from glutinous rice flour, sweet green beans, covered with sesame and then fried. In Tri Ton, An Giang , people often eat orange cake with soup cake, instead of quart. Photo: Cam Ly

In mid-May, CNN also mentioned bread in the list of the best sandwiches in the world.

The American newspaper wrote: “A remnant of French cuisine, baguettes have been re-processed by Vietnamese people according to their own taste. You can find them in every corner of the country, on the streets of Vietnam. food trucks with prices from 15,000 VND”. Photo: Spirit

In May, The Travel, a magazine specializing in travel experiences, considered iced milk coffee as one of the best in the world.

The Canadian newspaper also suggests a unique coffee dish not to be missed when coming to Vietnam, which is egg coffee . A delicious creamy custard drink made by mixing egg yolks with condensed milk to form a rich froth, served with coffee.

In June, SCMP was introduced to diners around the world Vietnamese fried rice.

After washing, mix with minced meat, crack eggs, dill, add chopped tangerine peel. All marinated with delicious fish sauce, mix well, pour into the pan, and fry on low heat, giving off an attractive aroma. When it’s done frying, it has a slightly pungent smell of onions and a bit of bitterness of dried tangerine peel. Cha Ruoi can be served with raw vegetables and sweet and sour sauce with a little papaya and carrots, or eaten with fresh vermicelli. Photo: Khanh Tran

In August, SCMP put vermicelli noodles on the list of must-try dishes when coming to Vietnam.

In addition to fresh ingredients, what attracts diners is the process of making a bowl of vermicelli, and making the dipping sauce by hand. A bowl of vermicelli noodles usually consists of fish, shrimp, fresh squid, served with finely chopped scallions, broth, spices, then stir well to cook the ingredients. When the bowl of vermicelli is brought up, diners must make their own dipping sauce according to their personal taste. Photo: Lan Huong

Cao Lau is the next dish mentioned and rated by SCMP as “excellent” when converging all the flavors of Vietnamese cuisine: sweet, sour, spicy, salty, bitter.

Cao Lau is the name of a noodle dish in Quang Nam. This is considered a specialty dish, most tourists taste it when coming to Hoi An ancient town. Yellow noodles, used with shrimp, pork, raw vegetables and broth, are different from filling the bowl like other types of vermicelli and noodles. Photo: Di Vy

If you want to explore Vietnam on a culinary journey, you can start from the capital Hanoi and enjoy fish noodles .

“Don’t confuse them with bun cha. Like most water dishes in Vietnam, Bun fish has a rich, sweet broth that is simmered from pork bones for a long time. They are then added to the mix. ingredients: tomato, vinegar, fresh dill and finely chopped, deep-fried fish,” wrote SCMP. Photo: Phuong Anh

In November, Taste Atlas , a website known as the world culinary map, suggests some famous and delicious Asian dishes made from duck that visitors should try when they have the opportunity.

The dish from Vietnam mentioned by culinary experts is duck porridge: “Duck porridge is a traditional Vietnamese dish, made from cooked duck meat. Other ingredients include fish sauce, ginger, and onions. leaves, coriander, black pepper and rice. Some shops sell whole period to eat porridge. This hot porridge is especially popular on cold days.” Photo: Di Vy

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