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Looking back at 10 famous Vietnamese dishes praised by major foreign newspapers in 2022

It is proud when Vietnamese dishes are praised by foreign newspapers and widely introduced to international friends.

Vietnamese dishes not only conquer the taste of international friends but also often appear in foreign newspapers, entering the top of the best dishes in the world thanks to their unique and diverse flavors and skillful processing. skillful. In the past 2022, our country has many dishes that are praised by major foreign newspapers and websites. Besides “brand” dishes such as beef noodle soup, bread, etc., milk coffee, fish noodle soup, sesame orange cake or duck porridge are also highly appreciated.

Beef noodle soup

Pho is the most mentioned dish on the international culinary map. Although there are many versions of pho in Vietnam, such as chicken noodle soup, sour pho, dry pho, etc., beef noodle soup is still the most popular. At the beginning of January 2022, CNN (USA) published a list of the world’s most delicious dishes according to the votes of culinary experts and beef noodle soup appeared in the first place.

Looking back at 10 famous Vietnamese dishes praised by major foreign newspapers in 2022

Photo: Hoang Quan Nguyen

Beef noodle soup usually has 2 types: cooked and rare beef noodle soup, accompanied with many other ingredients such as noodle soup, encrusted, tendon, beef ball,… The “soul” of beef noodle soup is in the broth that is simmered from the bones. Over hours, adding spices to create a unique flavor. Depending on the region, beef noodle soup is often eaten with lemon, chili, vinegar, bean sprouts or stir-fry.

Photo: Hoang Quan Nguyen

Bread flour

In April 2022, filter cake was mentioned by CNN in the list of Vietnamese delicacies and encouraged visitors to try. This dish has long become a representative of Hue cuisine because of its irresistible delicious taste. Filter cake has a transparent, chewy crust made from tapioca flour, inside is rimmed shrimp, fatty meat and wrapped by banana leaves. When eating, just drizzle with chili garlic fish sauce to make the filter cake more rich.

Photo: Do ​​Nguyen Phat Dat, Nguyen Thanh Truc


Bread is equally attractive to pho, both for Vietnamese and foreign tourists. Not only has a unique taste, a harmonious combination of many ingredients, but the bread is also affordable, convenient to carry around and suitable for breakfast in a hurry.

Photo: Anh Thi

Currently, bread also has many new variations, it is still the “clamp all things” version, but in addition to cold meat, there are also more dried shumai, broke Lau, fish cake, … Because of the variety and deliciousness. , in mid-May 2022, CNN also mentioned bread in the list of the best sandwiches in the world.

Photo: Ng Nhii

Sesame orange cake

With the 8x, 9x generation, sweet, crispy sesame orange cake is considered a familiar snack, often sold on the streets and markets. The ingredients of this dish are also very simple, only consisting of a crust made from rice flour, rolled over sesame and green bean paste. Although simple, but sesame orange cake has excellently entered the top 30 best donut dishes in the world voted by CNN at the end of May 2022.

Photo: Food News

Milk ice coffe

The Travel – a magazine specializing in travel experiences has praised iced milk coffee as one of the best drinks in the world. In Vietnam, iced milk coffee is no longer strange because people have the habit of drinking it every morning to start an exciting working day. Iced milk coffee combines condensed milk with wavy black coffee, creating a bitter, sweet, fatty taste that remains on the tip of the tongue that any visitor will love when enjoying.

Photo: @hana.foodie

Fried Worms

This unique dish of the North, especially Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Hanoi,… was introduced by the South China Morning Post (SCMP) to diners around the world with a video recording the making stages. Launching the spring roll dish in June 2022. According to SCMP, the live radish looks a bit scary, but when processed into crispy golden rolls, it has an extremely attractive flavor.

Photo: Hua Thanh Tung

Cha ruoi can be served with raw vegetables, fresh vermicelli and sweet and sour sauce with a little papaya and carrots. Besides the bold sweetness of fresh meat, the greasy taste of chicken eggs, there is also the aroma of tangerine peels and onions.

Photo: Hua Thanh Tung


Referring to the specialties of Phu Quoc (Kien Giang), it is indispensable to have vermicelli noodles. More specifically, last August, the SCMP newspaper also put vermicelli noodles on the list of must-try dishes if you have the opportunity to visit Vietnam. The reason this dish is called “stir” because the finely chopped shrimp paste will be spread around the side of the bowl, the seller will add boiling broth and stir quickly to make the shrimp paste cooked. In addition, 1 bowl of stir-fried noodles will have extra squid eggs, fish cakes and eat with dipping sauce mixed by the diners’ own taste.

Photo: Ha Hu

High floor

At first glance, Cao Lau has many similarities with Quang noodles but is processed more elaborately. The noodles of Cao Lau are usually yellow in color because they are soaked in water with ashes of Melaleuca firewood. Unlike other dishes, Cao Lau has no broth. Instead of char siu meat, char siu gravy is sprinkled, greased and sprinkled with dried Cao Lau, sliced ​​crispy or a little crushed peanuts. Raw vegetables served with only bitter vegetables and young cabbage. Du did not process sophisticatedly or with too many ingredients, but Cao Lau was still mentioned by SCMP at the end of August 2022 and is considered a great dish when converging all the flavors of sweet, sour, spicy, salty, and bitter. .

Photo: @trungbuii, TripZone

Fish noodle soup with dipping sauce

Present in the top 3 must-try dishes when coming to Vietnam introduced by SCMP in August 2022 is Hanoi’s fish noodle soup.

Photo: @vananh.gran, Nguyen Duy Long

This dish is impressed by the sour and sour broth cooked from suddenly wine, tomatoes, served with vegetables such as mangosteen, cabbage, dill, onion, pineapple. The fish meat will not be boiled and put in a bowl like the South, but usually cut into pieces about 2 fingers, marinated with spices and deep fried, when eaten, it will be dipped with sweet and sour chili garlic sauce.

Photo: @wintoie

Duck rice soup

In November, Taste Atlas – a website known as the world food map, specializing in suggesting delicious and famous Asian dishes, made a list of delicious duck dishes that visitors should try, including: duck rice soup. According to the introduction of culinary experts, duck porridge is a traditional Vietnamese dish, consisting of a plate of duck meat, boiled duck intestines and a hot porridge, cooked with black pepper and rice blood. The attraction of this dish is that the ginger fish sauce has a sweet and salty taste and a bit of strange taste. On cold or rainy days, duck porridge is always chosen by many people to warm their stomach.

Photo: Nga La Ca

These are all famous Vietnamese dishes that have received many compliments from international media for their delicious and unique taste. If you have a chance, enjoy it all!

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