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Discovering Tet specialties in the Central Highlands are rustic but full of charm

Tet specialties in the Central Highlands have a great attraction to tourists, delicious dishes and unique customs and cultural practices have created the very own Tet colors of this sunny and windy highland.

The Central Highlands is the convergence of many different ethnic groups, and because of that, the cultural colors here are also extremely rich the Tet atmosphere in this land has its own color but also blends in with the local culture. the atmosphere of the traditional Tet holiday of the nation. Tet specialties in the Central Highlands are not only Banh Chung and palanquin like many Vietnamese countrysides but also attractive dishes with culinary colors and unique indigenous culture handed down through generations. 

Discovering Tet specialties in the Central Highlands are rustic but full of charm
The Central Highlands has many attractive Tet specialties. Photo: dulichtaynguyen

Discover the famous Tet specialties in the Central Highlands 

1. Dried meat/bacon 

With bacon or dried meat dishes, the Central Highlands people often call it “Poac buh”, this is an indispensable Tet specialty in the Central Highlands . Dried meat, bacon is a traditional dish made from the meat of buffalo, cow, deer or pig marinated with local spices and then hung up in the kitchen with a very elaborate drying process. In the past, dried meat and bacon were the reserve food of the Central Highlands people, and it was only brought out when there were precious guests or holidays.

Tay Nguyen dried meat is a specialty that fascinates many tourists during Tet. Photo: taynguyenfood

Bacon, dried meat of the Central Highlands people has a very attractive taste, fragrant with kitchen smoke mixed with spices and sweetness of meat, when eaten, grilled or steamed and then dipped with spicy green chili salt is the standard taste.

Most families in the Central Highlands prepare dried meat or bacon to treat guests on Tet. Photo: Eurasian Vocational Training

In some places, people prepare dried rat meat to celebrate Tet. Photo: afamily

2. Green rice 

Lam rice is one of the Tet specialties in the Central Highlands very familiar, in the local language, people call this dish “Piang tooth ding dor” which means rice cooked in an umbrella tube. The characteristic of this dish is that it is very fragrant and flexible with the flavor of the mountains. Even today, the traditional rice dish of the Central Highlands people has spread and become the favorite choice of people in all regions.

The Central Highlands people like to eat lam rice during Tet. Photo: dulich24

To make Lam rice for Tet, people will choose a new type of glutinous rice, wash it and soak it in water, then put it in a prepared fresh umbrella, add water to cover the rice and turn it on fire to cook. People in the Central Highlands often eat lam rice with wild meat or bacon, grilled dishes on Tet holiday.

Lam rice is fragrant and very flexible because it is cooked from rice at the beginning of the season. Photo: Four Phuong

3. Baked dishes 

Meat is the main dish of the Central Highlands people on Tet holidays and people prefer grilled food to all other dishes. Meat dishes are usually not processed as sophisticatedly as the plains, but will be processed in the most primitive way. Accordingly, grilled chicken, grilled wild boar, grilled fish are very popular dishes and are often seen in Tet trays of the Central Highlands people. Although there is a very basic processing method, the grilled dishes of the Central Highlands people have a very attractive flavor, bringing the unique identity of the mountains and forests nowhere else. This is also a special dish on Tet holiday in the Central Highlands that is very attractive to customers. 

Grilled dishes appear a lot in the Tet tray in the Central Highlands. Photo: wecheckin

Grilled chicken is a very popular dish in the cuisine of the Central Highlands. Photo: Vnexpress

Grilled fish is also a common dish during Tet in the Central Highlands. Photo: tintuc.vn

4. Can wine 

If people often use beer and wine in the delta during Tet, the Central Highlands people also have their own specialty, which is can wine. Indigenous people call Can wine “T’r Nom” and often used to treat guests during Tet or on special occasions and festivals. The wine is brewed from a special yeast made from mulberry leaves, galangal powder, salt, rice flour, rice husks, leaves… Yeast is mixed with delicious white rice and then put in a sealed jar to the right degree. just used. The people of the Central Highlands consider Can wine as a drink to connect people with people and spiritual beings, so it is impossible to lack can wine on the Tet offering tray.

Can wine is an indispensable Tet specialty of the Central Highlands people. Photo: Gonatour

5. Forest bamboo shoot soup

Bamboo shoots are a type of raw material associated with the cuisine of the Central Highlands people since ancient times. There are many attractive dishes created from bamboo shoots, in which bamboo shoot soup is one of the outstanding Tet specialties in the Central Highlands . The Central Highlands people often use dried bamboo shoots to cook soup combined with pork leg. The dish does not need much seasoning because the combination of pork leg meat and bamboo shoots has created a very attractive taste. Some places in the lowlands also have bamboo shoot soup for Tet, but the forest bamboo shoot soup of the Central Highlands people still has a very unique feature created by local ingredients.  

Bamboo shoots soup is also an attractive dish used by the Central Highlands during Tet. Photo: didulich.net

Tet specialties in the Central Highlands are  very diverse and are also a unique cultural feature with many elements passed down through many generations. It is often said that food is also a part of the beliefs of the Central Highlands, especially the cuisine on Tet holiday because more than a dish, it is also a means to express sharing, beliefs and traditions. nice system. 

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