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Popular restaurants are loved by Vietnamese stars, there are 2 dishes that have “energized” the beauties to go to the beauty contest

Viet stars are also passionate about “eating out” like many people and the restaurants that the girls below choose also have extremely affordable and affordable prices.

Gone are the days of thinking that celebrities are all about fine dining in restaurants or expensive food. In fact, Vietnamese stars are also passionate about eating and drinking at restaurants far from the sidewalk or popular like many other people. There are even cheap dishes that surprise many people and there are also places that are familiar to many diners, accidentally also familiar shops of actors and beauty queens.

Miss Doan Thien An craves floating beef noodle soup

During a Livestream, while in Indonesia to attend Miss Grand International, Thien An “lamented” to her fans that now she craves the most vermicelli beef, but it must be vermicelli, Miss Nhu has floating fat. After this charming revelation, many TikTokers flocked to Co Nhu’s noodle shop to see how delicious the bowl of vermicelli here was, making the beauty queen crave only beef noodle soup. Time to enjoy the beef noodle soup that I have been waiting for a long time. Actually, this noodle shop is still a familiar restaurant address for many people in the city, but thanks to Miss Thien An accidentally mentioning the name, now the shop is even more. “pop like alcohol” on social networks.

Popular restaurants are loved by Vietnamese stars, there are 2 dishes that have “energized” the beauties to go to the beauty contest

The beef vermicelli section has quite filling food with lean meat, ham, cartilage, tendons, rolls, … with a frugal broth with a characteristic fishy smell. But the dish that makes her “famous” Nhu is the fat floating, whoever wants to eat will order more and be placed in a separate cup. When you just bite into the piece of fat, you will feel the softness that melts in your mouth, eating with vermicelli is even more delicious. So perhaps thanks to this unique flavor, the noodle shop has never been empty for many years, even though it is located in a deep alley.

Photo: @thithi5597,Anh Thu

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc is addicted to roasted pork bread

Lan Ngoc also has a passion for eating like many people, especially the actress also pleases her fans when she works hard to shoot videos about food and find delicious places to introduce to everyone. Among Lan Ngoc’s videos, people are most curious about the identity of the giant super-large roast pork sandwich that costs only 25,000 VND. She also enthusiastically described the inside of the loaf as an attractive crispy skin, the actress also said that this dish must be eaten with the “standard” homemade brown sauce of the owner.

According to Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, this is a roast pork sandwich shop located in District 8 called A Loi. Here is also a bread oven as well as selling roasted pork and roast duck to customers, but the most famous is still delicious – nutritious – cheap roast pork bread. The bread here is quite big in size compared to other bread carts, so in addition to Lan Ngoc, the staff of A Loi bread also said that singer Ly Hai and many other artists often buy at this bakery. Looking at the pieces of roast pork hanging in the glass cabinet with crispy skin, the owner of the cake cart quickly cuts the meat, adds sour food, and then pours a rich sauce on top to complete the delicious loaf of bread to your stomach. Diners.

Photo cut from TikTok video Trinh Quang Khai

Miss Khanh Van loves fried dough, crispy fries

Who would have thought that a queen like Khanh Van often “loaded” starchy foods to satisfy her cravings, but it doesn’t seem to be a hindrance to her in keeping in shape. During the “bombardment” of the restaurant on her Facebook channel, Khanh Van introduced fans to fried dough and fries that she has been a regular customer for 8 years. After enjoying the fried dough, the post-natal girl born in 1995 also enlisted to confide in the shop owner that before she went to the airport to go to the beauty pageant, she bought fried dough at the restaurant to eat. So people call this a “powering” dish for a cute girl to win the beauty contest.

Khanh Van also did not hesitate to share that this is the famous Dat Thanh fried dough shop on Vo Van Tan street, district 3. At first, the shops only sold one dish of fried dough, then slowly developed into fried noodles, then shallot cake, fried taro cake… make many diners love it. Fried dough at Dat Thanh scores with many people with crispy, just-eaten dough. Like many other Saigon restaurants, there are soy sauce and papaya salad served, but the soy sauce here is quite special with a unique aroma that makes you “swallow your mouth” just after being served.

Photo: @chauloan0699, Hoang Mai Anh

Ngoc Trinh sacrifices transportation money to eat crab cakes

“The girl who eats” is the nickname Ngoc Trinh received for herself when she was extremely passionate about finding delicious restaurants to enjoy. But the most famous story is the story of crab cakes costing 65,000 VND but shipping 145,000 VND and she also “bitten her teeth” to eat her favorite dish. Since it was a time when social distancing was just over, shipping new orders back should go hand in hand with high prices. It was even more difficult when Ngoc Trinh ordered Banh Chung at the shop dozens of kilometers away from her house, so the high shipping price was obvious.

The identity of the bowl of crab cake soup was also sought after by many people after watching the model’s video playing. Everyone wondered how delicious the bowl of Banh Chung was that Ngoc Trinh had to work so hard to buy. It is known that this is a small cake soup shop named Ca Mau crab soup cake located at Phu Lam residence, District 6. This place causes memories with crab cake soup with super firm and quality crab meat. The broth at the restaurant is commented to be delicious, sweet but naturally sweet, not too sweet like many other places, crab meat, and shrimp is full of a bowl, just squeeze a little more sour lemon to “beat the bugs” flea”!

Photo: @cuoideyyy, What to eat today?

Many people think that with the appearance of so many people like these girls, they will have to keep a very strict diet to keep in shape. But did not expect that these beautiful girls have a hobby of “eating” extremely cute and simple like so many people, thanks to that, the images of these beauties also come closer to audiences everywhere. .

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