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Vietnam has a “shocking dish” of Southeast Asian cuisine

The famous Russian travel magazine Vokrug Sveta has listed Vietnamese snake wine as one of the five “shocking” dishes and drinks of Southeast Asian cuisine.

In its article, Vokrug Sveta, a famous Russian travel magazine, listed a list of “shocking dishes” in Southeast Asian cuisine. Even the article said that “these are dishes that not every man dares to taste”. With these dishes and drinks, Vietnam’s snake wine ranks first.

Vietnamese snake wine

Snake wine is a drink that not everyone dares to taste. The main ingredient is a de-venomed snake, soaked in a glass jar containing rice wine. In addition, one can add some herbs or roots, even geckos.

Vietnam has a “shocking dish” of Southeast Asian cuisine
Vietnamese snake wine is in the group of “shocking” foods and drinks in Southeast Asian cuisine (Photo: Vokrug Sveta).

The author of the article advises diners to taste a small amount like a teaspoon for the first time.

The strength of alcohol can be up to 60 degrees, with alcohol “exciting” the cardiovascular system. Local people also use this drink as a cure for rheumatism. According to the author, to buy good quality snake wine, visitors should go to snake farms.

Philippine duck eggs

It is a familiar snack for Vietnamese or Filipino people, but for Western diners, this is really a “shocking dish”.

Enjoy duck eggs in the Philippines (Photo: Mashed).

In the Philippines, duck eggs, also known as balut, are one of the most popular street foods. They will eat duck embryos at more than 2 weeks old, which have formed beaks and wings. When eating, people often use white salt or vinegar mixed with garlic, chili and onions. Diners smash and peel the top of the egg with a small spoon, then sip the water and then slide the spoon inside to scoop out the egg and enjoy.

One of the places that are rated to have the best duck eggs in the Philippines is Metro Manila. The dish is sold on street stalls with small packets of salt.

Indonesia’s bird’s nest

Bird’s nest soup (yanwo) is one of the most expensive dishes in the world. Bird’s nest has the main ingredient the saliva of swiftlets. To enjoy this dish requires the meticulousness of the chef.

Indonesians believe that bird’s nest soup helps prolong life and strengthen the immune system (Photo: Vokrug Sveta).

Bird’s nest after boiling with boiling water, clean the inedible impurities. Then people wash it with cold water, then boil it in chicken broth. Indonesians believe that bird’s nest soup is a very nutritious dish, helping to prolong life and strengthen the immune system. The soup has a jelly-like consistency, and the taste is similar to sturgeon caviar.

Mouse thighs in Thailand

Specialty rat meat in Thailand (Photo: News).

This is a popular dish in Thailand. Restaurants often choose hamsters for processing. There is even a village here with the main job of catching mice. They believe that the thigh part of this animal is the most attractive.

Deep fried spider in Cambodia

One of the strangest street food is fried spider, which is popularly sold in many provinces in Cambodia. The type of spider for processing is a tarantula that is hunted from the wild. Then, they are seasoned with a mixture of spices such as sugar, salt, and chili and deep-fried in a pan of hot oil. The finished product will be crispy spiders, evenly soaked in spices.

Street vendors selling deep-fried tarantula spiders on the streets of Cambodia (Photo: ABC).

For Cambodians, fried spiders are rich in protein, without fat, and have the effect of reducing back pain. Many people also believe that this dish helps with laxatives, enhancing longevity. 

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