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Vietnamese specialties hear the name “terrible”, priced at half a million / kg, people still buy it

These are famous dry specialties in the West, many people “get goosebumps” when they hear the name, but they are actually very delicious and nutritious.

Vietnamese specialties hear the name “terrible”, priced at half a million / kg, people still buy it

Dry snake – the name that everyone who hears will “shudder” because the snake is a scary species

 However, they are hailed as a special drink that is sought after by many people

According to the survey, on online markets and e-commerce platforms, dried snakes are sold at prices ranging from 300,000 to 500,000 VND/kg. ($1=25,000 VND)

It is estimated that 11-12 kg of live snakes will make 1 kg of dry snakes. Dried snake can make many different dishes, each dish has a special flavor such as grilled dried snake, dried snake salad and fried dried snake….

Dried field mice are also something that many people find disgusting, but they are the most famous specialty in the Tam Nong district, Dong Thap province.

The field mice that farmers catch from rice fields are preliminarily cleaned, then marinated with spices to wait for absorption and then dried.

The dried rat is very popular with customers in the provinces because the natural taste of rat meat is very strange compared to the familiar dry ones. 

On the market, dry field mice cost up to 400,000 VND/kg

Dried geckos is also a specialty that attracts customers in the West, but not everyone has the courage to enjoy it

Fresh geckos are harvested and cleaned, then dried by fire.

On average, every 3kg of fresh geckos will produce about 1kg of dried gecko products.

According to people in the West, dried geckos fried and then dipped in tamarind sauce is the most standard.

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