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The type of fish from the past is full in the field, dried into a specialty, and priced at $15/kg

If in the past this fish was associated with the rustic meals of the poor, in recent years it has become a specialty in the city, dried and sold for $15/kg.

The type of fish from the past is full in the field, dried into a specialty, and priced at $15/kg

Snakehead fish is a familiar fish in the countryside of Vietnam

In the past, snakehead fish was full in the fields, every time the rice harvest came, the ditches in the fields ran out of water, it was time for people to carry the basin, the basket to catch at one time, they were spoiled for processing.

At that time, snakehead fish was associated with the rustic meal of the poor, but now this fish “born” becomes a specialty.

Dried snakehead fish is a famous specialty in the West, especially Ca Mau anyone who comes here also buys to enjoy and buy as a gift.

On the online market, dried snakehead fish is beautifully packaged and sold for up to $15/kg.

The profession of drying snakehead fish also brings a significant source of income for the people here

The dried meat of snakehead fish is naturally sweet, chewy, and seasoned with mouth-watering spices. 

Dried snakehead fish can be processed into extremely delicious dishes such as: dried snakehead fish with tamarind, dried snakehead fish mixed with salad, dried fried snakehead fish, dried grilled snakehead fish, … 

To dry snakehead fish, people have to choose big, fresh, firm fish. After that, take it home to clean, debone, remove the head, cut the meat, marinate it with spices and dry it in the sun

After about 4-5 days of sun exposure, the dried chicks begin to shrivel and turn plum red. At this time, they will bring it into pack and sell to the market

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