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64-year-old mother and son travel around Vietnam

After retiring, Ms. Lien traveled around Vietnam and always had her son as a companion.

“My country is beautiful everywhere, from the mountains to the long beaches, to the vast rice fields,” summarizes Pham Thi Bich Lien, 64, now living in Tien Giang after many trips around Vietnam.

64-year-old mother and son travel around Vietnam
Mrs. Lien and her son pose “Titanic” at Na Hang Lake, Tuyen Quang.

Ms. Lien retired in 2014 and since then, she has had a lot of time to satisfy her childhood passions of travel and photography. She has traveled to all 63 provinces and cities and the special thing is that she always has her son with her on most of her trips. “My greatest happiness is having a child as a companion. She will accompany me in my free time, sometimes I go alone,” said Ms. Lien.

Lien’s son, Nguyen Nhat Minh, born in 1991, commented that his mother is a strong, loving, energetic woman. “The more she traveled, the better she got,” he said. This is also the reason why he is always ready to accompany his mother.

In addition to his main job, Nhat Minh is also a freelance photographer, so he also plays the role of “deputy photographer” for his mother. Mother and daughter often go with groups of paparazzi for convenience and fun. Particularly for nearby places, Minh takes his mother by motorbike.

Mrs. Lien remembers once being transported by her son to Tan Thanh beach in Go Cong Dong (Tien Giang) about 50 km away from home to photograph the Milky Way. Starting at 9pm, Minh drove fast, causing her to panic many times, but also knew that her son was “hard steering”, so he gradually calmed down and reassured. That time, mother and daughter stayed up all night, each with a camera, looking up at the sky to wait for the moment the Milky Way appeared. “Unfortunately, the weather was not favorable, it was cloudy, so we could not harvest any photos.”

Lien also climbed with her son to Mua Cave (Ninh Binh) to watch the rice ripen on the Ngo Dong River. “Nearly 500 vertical steps, clinging to the cat’s ears, climbing up to the place where the legs are still shaking, but in return it is very satisfying because of the panoramic view of the golden rice and the majesty of the mountains,” she said. There are trips to travel by motorbike taxi. The road is difficult and narrow, just enough for two cars to avoid each other. One side is a cliff, one side is a dangerous cliff, but “when you get there, seeing the beautiful scenery is satisfying”, Ms. Lien said.

Another memorable memory is the 7-day journey to the Northeast with his son, from Ha Giang to Cao Bang and then Tuyen Quang to climb the mountain to take pictures in the early morning, enjoy the typical mountain dishes such as rice lam, sticky rice with five ingredients. color, stream fish. “The trip was very risky and indescribably fun. Mother and daughter took all 6 memory cards a week, went home to choose photos and their hands were tired”, Mrs. Lien smiled and recalled.

Cao Bang tour.

The mother and daughter traveled all over the provinces and cities from the South to the North, to the sea and islands of Phu Quy (Binh Thuan), Con Dao , Phu Quoc , Nha Trang , to the northern mountains to see the terraced fields in the rainy season, to Ha Giang explore Dong Van rock plateau, admires white foaming waterfalls in Ban Gioc (Cao Bang), Bao Dai waterfall (Lam Dong), Dak G’Lun waterfall (Dak Nong), Dray Nur waterfall (Dak Lak). Right in the western homeland, mother and daughter went to Tra Su Melaleuca forest, Cam mountain, Ta Pa lake in An Giang and many other attractions throughout the continent of Cochinchina.

“After each trip, I feel more and more that my son has really grown up, knows how to take care of his mother more, and also shows me how to take beautiful photos,” Ms. Lien said.

As for Minh, each trip is an invaluable spiritual gift. The mother and daughter met many new friends from all over the country, accumulated many beautiful photos and regional knowledge in each place they passed. “The more you go, the more you will find your soul younger and more in love with the beauty of the country of Vietnam, love the life we ​​have,” Minh said.

On the journey, sometimes mother and daughter also sulk because of disagreement, “but never stay angry for long”. For Minh, it was also the trip with his mother that left the most impression. His opinion should be ignored the thought that parents are old, not suitable for travel but have to stay at home to take care of their children and grandchildren.

“Don’t forget that before they had to work hard to take care of their family, their parents were boys and girls with beautiful youth, with passions for experiences, but life conditions did not allow them to fulfill their passions. “, Minh said.

Mother and daughter often take pictures of each other. Pictured is An Giang.

Minh wishes to spend more time with his parents, parents and children traveling together to understand and love each other more. The new year plan of Minh and his mother is to take Tet photos in Sa Dec flower village (Dong Thap) and hunt clouds in Da Lat .

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