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The Vietnamese hotel has a gold-plated toilet in the Russian newspaper

HANOI – The Giang Vo lakeside hotel was introduced by Russian newspapers because of its unique gold-plated toilets.

A famous news site in Russia has just introduced a Vietnamese hotel with gold-plated toilets. According to Rambler , there is no hotel in the world quite like Dolce by Wyndham Hanoi Golden Lake on the banks of Giang Vo Lake, Hanoi.

Visitors here really live among the gold. The idea behind this hotel is to build a building in which most of the items will be inlaid with 24k gold. This is the first hotel in the world where literally everything is covered in gold, from drinking cups, bathtubs, doors, elevators, decorative details, exterior tiles. ..

The Vietnamese hotel has a gold-plated toilet in the Russian newspaper
The gilded toilet inside the Dolce by Wyndham. Photo: Resort

The construction of the hotel took 10 years and cost about $200 million. The hotel has 25 floating floors and 4 basements, with a total area of ​​5,000 m2. This place has 342 rooms, each room has a bathroom, toilet and pure gold-plated furniture. In addition, the hotel also offers many other facilities such as a restaurant, bar, gym, as well as an infinity pool located on the top floor. Many dishes in the restaurant are also… covered with gold.

5-star rated Golden Lake, opening summer 2020 amid pandemic. That’s why the first guests here are all domestic. They come to see the gilded rooms, take a dip in the infinity pool…

Gold-plated infinity pool, panoramic view of the city. Photo: Resort

Guests can stay for not too expensive prices. A night in the cheapest room for 2 adults costs about 3 million VND. Most of the guests who stayed at this hotel gave positive reviews, but there were also a few who were not satisfied with the service. There are comments that, due to the obsession with gold, the management did not pay attention to the service. One of the things to complain about is the attitude of the security guard and the careless cleaning of the room.

 (According to Rambler )

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