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Beef “wrapped” in gold, eat a piece and lose millions in Hanoi

Imported Wagyu Tomahawk Rib-eye beef ribs covered with a thin layer of 24K gold is a hot dish in Hanoi recently.

Gold-plated beef is a new dish appearing on the menu of a famous hotel in Hanoi. As the name suggests, gilded beef is a piece of beef surrounded by a thin layer of brilliant 24K gold on the outside. 

However, the gold pieces do not bring any special flavor to the beef other than creating a strange gold-plated trend for diners to play.

Beef “wrapped” in gold, eat a piece and lose millions in Hanoi
A close-up of the golden beef dish is “making the storm”. (Photo: Nguyen Bac).

Currently, the price of this dish ranges from 4,500,000 VND for about 2-3 people (200 USD). Despite the expensive price, since its opening until now, the hotel still has thousands of guests coming to enjoy this royal dish. The diners said that if compared with the gilded beef in foreign countries, this price is reasonable.

The beef is marinated for about 15 minutes with olive oil, rosemary and dried garlic. (Photo: Nguyen Bac).

“I used to travel in Dubai and try this gold-plated beef. However, because the taste of foreigners is different from the taste of Vietnamese people, I find it a bit difficult to eat. When I know the hotel in Vietnam There’s also this golden beef dish, I came to enjoy it. I found it to be very tasty and delicious. I have come back here to eat 2-3 times already,” said Mr. Do Xuan Quy, a customer in the Hai Ba district. Trung, Hanoi shared.

After marinating, the chef will grill the meat on a charcoal stove before gilding it and serving it to customers. (Photo: Nguyen Bac)

When eating, the hotel’s chef will directly slice meat and sprinkle salt at the table with professional and elaborate techniques.

Depending on the needs of the customer, the chef will guide how to eat the golden beef in different levels of doneness. One side is heated with alcohol, used to keep beef warm during the process of enjoying this dish at the table.

Beef ribs are grilled at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius for about 15 – 30 minutes depending on the level of doneness according to the needs of customers. (Photo: Nguyen Bac)

“This Wagyu Tomahawk beef is imported from the US, and is raised entirely from grains, so when eaten, it will feel soft, moist, and the meat is very sweet.

Can be eaten with Phu Quoc black pepper sauce or truffle sauce. Depending on each person’s preference, it can be served with grilled vegetables or mashed potatoes. Combined with drinking red wine, it can bring up the rich flavor of beef,” shared Mr. Vu Duc Quan, Chef of the hotel.

At the dining table, gilded beef is kept warm for about 40 minutes by the heated alcohol stone countertop below. (Photo: Nguyen Bac)

“From 2021, we have opened the gilded beef dish to serve diners in Hanoi. In the world, a serving of gilded beef costs up to more than 2,000 USD, but here we serve with the price is affordable but the taste is unchanged.

With the current epidemic situation, diners in Hanoi as well as other localities cannot go abroad to enjoy this dish, at our hotel, they can eat gilded beef as well as other dishes. eat other cuisines in the world”, said Ms. Nguyen Nguyet Anh, Deputy General Director of this hotel.

Most of the diners who come to this hotel want to enjoy this golden beef dish. (Photo: Nguyen Bac)

According to the hotel owner’s representative, to enjoy this expensive gold-plated beef, customers need to book a table 1-2 days in advance. The reason is that the current source of imported raw materials is not enough due to the complicated disease situation and supply shortage.

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