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Coffee shop cum laundromat

HANOI – Coffee shop on Bat Su street combined with a laundry model, you can sit and drink coffee and wait 2 hours to get clothes.

Walking along Bat Su street, you will see a prominent shop, wooden outside with warm brown color. With the motto “Wash your sorrow away”, Laundree combines the model of a coffee shop and a laundromat.

Combining the two models seems to be very difficult to harmonize with each other, the coffee shop does not have the chemical smell of washing liquid, the space is dry, not humid, although the washing machine is lined up opposite the place where customers drink water. .

Dong Giang, the owner of the shop, said that his coffee shop has been in operation for nearly 2 years so far. According to him, this is a convenient and practical combination, targeting tourists and tenants in Hanoi. The shop wants to build a habit for customers, washing clothes and enjoying a cup of tea and coffee after stressful working and studying hours.

Guests can ask for help from the staff or perform the laundry steps themselves according to the process. Clothes will be washed, then put in the dryer, and neatly folded before being returned to guests. “Customers come to the restaurant to rest and relax, when they come home, they just need to put their clean clothes in the closet,” Mr. Giang shared.

On the wall, guests can follow and understand the laundry process listed by the salon. Drying time usually takes about 2 hours or less, according to Mr. Giang, “just right for guests to enjoy a cup of coffee while waiting for laundry”. The price for laundry service is 45,000 VND for 0.1-3 kg, 65,000 VND for 3,1-5 kg, 85,000 VND for 5.1 – 7 kg of clothes.

The owner of the shop is someone who likes to take pictures for customers. Dong Giang is recalling the process of opening the shop and hearing from regular customers who come here. He said, the idea for this service was hatched by him 6 years ago, after first seeing the model during his trip to Hong Kong.

The shop does not focus too much on decoration and does not favor the form of “virtual living” coffee because as the owner shared, he does not want customers to only come to drink coffee once to check-in and not come back. However, you can still “catch” unique photos right in the space of the shop with the background of washing machines and dryers.

The shop has a pretty basic drink menu and not many options, priced from 25,000 to 50,000 VND. Two drinks that many customers call cream coffee and cold brew coffee. Customers who come to the salon if they do not use the laundry service can still order water, because these are two independent services.

The shop has a corner window and seats overlooking the street. Guests can sip coffee while waiting for clothes in the old town space, feeling the bustling life. The minus point of the shop is that space is a bit narrow, there is little room for customers to drink water. During the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic, the shop is open daily from 8 am to 7 pm. Follow vnexpress

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