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Hanoi specialties are loved by diners at the tourism festival

Visitors to the tourism festival can eat Ca Cuong, spring rolls, fresh vegetables… Hanoi specialties that many people have not tried yet.

Hanoi specialties are loved by diners at the tourism festival
The Hanoi Tourism Festival 2022 will take place from May 13 to 15 at the Ly Thai To monument area, attracting visitors to visit and discover food. On the morning of May 15, it rained, but many guests still came to enjoy themselves. Many people said that this is an opportunity to eat many delicious Hanoi dishes in the same place, so they have to take advantage.
Ms. Hoanh ‘s Banh Cuon costs 40,000 VND, including vegetarian rolls served with spring rolls. This is a long-standing brand known to many people in the capital, located on To Hien Thanh street. The difference is that you can eat with Ca Cuong for 70,000 VND apiece, but the stall owner advises that “not everyone is suitable for Ca Cuong’s taste”.
Shrimp cake is a famous specialty in the West Lake area, Hanoi. This is one of the four dishes with pho, bun cha, and vermicelli to create the “four flavors of Ha Thanh”. The cake is made of flour mixed with rice flour, tapioca starch is fermented and then fried until golden brown. The highlight of the cake is the deep-fried shrimp. The cake has the natural sweetness of shrimp, the crunchiness of the crust, and a combination of sweet and sour sauce. Photo: Pham Chieu
Peanut cake is a rustic dish of Hanoi people, easy to eat and easy to make. The cake has the fleshy taste of peanuts and the slight aroma of plain rice. This is a frugal gift, suitable for an afternoon snack.
Nem Phung originates from Dan Phuong town. Spring rolls are usually wrapped in leaves, so they are also called spring rolls. The dish is likened to a blooming flower because when peeled, the banana leaf will slowly open and then the fig leaf, the pistil is the yellow spring roll that is tightly braided together. The flavor of spring rolls is a combination of the fleshy taste of meat, the aroma of hearing and the acrid taste of fig leaves. Nem is usually dipped with yellow sauce or chili sauce.
The festival features both fresh vegetables and dried variations of this vegetable. This is a famous vegetable in the Perfume Pagoda area. In addition to fresh vegetables at the festival, there are also freshly grated tubers and stuffed vegetable cakes with filling. The plant is a woody plant, grows naturally on the cliffs, and loves light. This vegetable in Huong Pagoda has a much more delicious taste that is not available everywhere. Unlike other vegetables that only need to be planted for a short time to be harvested, the first time from planting to the first leaf picking takes at least 3-5 years, and after 10 years, it can be harvested with a high yield. in large quantities, it is also considered a precious vegetable variety.
Perfume Pagoda area is also famous for Huong Tich apricot specialties. This type of fruit is also known as “double apricot” because it is the only apricot species that blooms twice a year and gives fruit twice. Thanks to the special soil of the limestone mountains, Huong Tich apricots have small seeds, thick pulp, and succulent, slightly sour taste, especially with a gentle fragrance in the wind.
Ba Vi is famous for dairy products such as milk cake, and yogurt with various flavors such as cheese, sticky rice, passion fruit, aloe vera…
Besides those products, the Ba Vi area is also famous for milk waffles. A piece of cake with a slight milky smell, crispy, and immediately melted in the mouth costs only 20,000 VND, suitable for eating and drinking.
Visitors to the festival can check in with signs with funny effects, and names of famous specialties of Hanoi. Suggestions for guests are to take pictures of the whole family, each holding a sign with their favorite dish.

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