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The international newspaper expressed surprise when seeing the hotel “sparkling gold” in the middle of Hanoi

The Russian newspaper Rambler once published an article about a popular hotel located on the banks of Giang Vo Lake, Hanoi. The writer of this newspaper expressed surprise that every detail was “sparkling gold”, from the main hall to the toilet.

This famous “golden” hotel is Dolce by Wyndham Hanoi Golden Lake, located in the heart of Hanoi’s capital. This is one of the most luxurious hotels in Vietnam in particular as well as in Southeast Asia or in the world in general.

The international newspaper expressed surprise when seeing the hotel “sparkling gold” in the middle of Hanoi

This place offers “experience the royal lifestyle in the heart of Hanoi” with a system of 342 rooms, 08 standard meeting rooms, gold-plated infinity swimming pool, Fitness room with modern equipment and 03 restaurants, bar style from Europe to Asia

Dolce by Wyndham Hanoi Golden Lake not only welcomes tourists to visit and work in Vietnam, but also becomes a place to welcome a series of politicians, businessmen, billionaires… in the world. 

This luxury apartment and hotel complex has shown its “class” when commented by Rambler newspaper that, “there has not been any hotel in the world like it, even the toilets are plated with brilliant gold. brilliant”.

The building is designed in the style of neoclassical combined with modern. 120,000 m2 of the hotel’s exterior is covered with gold-covered tiles, attracting eyes from afar. Exquisite relief details, combined with large glass panels create accents in each angle.

Not only the exterior of the building, even other details such as railings, threads, moldings, columns are also inlaid with 24k gold. Interior space of service floors and hotel lobby as well as a variety of toilet equipment such as bathtubs, washbasins to showers, towel racks, toilets… to gold-plated electrical switches ; The eating utensils are plated with gold. 

Even the stair railing is also plated with 18k gold. Especially the elevator doors cost about 5 tons of gold to complete. 

In 2020, this special hotel project was confirmed by the Wolrdkings Organization and the Vietnam Record Organization as “The hotel has an exterior of gilded brick with a large amount of interior equipment and dishes and drinks. most gold inlaid in the world”.

The project was built in more than 12 months, with a total investment of more than 100 million USD, with a total area of ​​2,237.5m2 including 4 basements and 25 floating floors. The hotel is designed with a 250mm thick reinforced concrete structure, 350mm thick walls, level 8 earthquake-resistant reinforced floor. 

The prime location makes it easy for visitors to move to important locations in the city such as Thu Le Park, West Lake, hospitals, the old town and Hoan Kiem Lake, Noi Bai Airport… 

The hotel has a system of 6-star standard rooms. Standard room area is from 40 – 48 m2, more advanced room is about 70 – 90 m2. One of the most luxurious rooms is the Presidential Room of the hotel, measuring up to 184m2 and designed in a royal style, with a view of the spacious Giang Vo lake.

A comfortable bathroom with equipment, a gilded bathtub and a separate sauna belongs to the 170m2 Royal penthouse. 

Although fully equipped with international 6-star standards, the hotel has the same price as 5-star hotels, from 200 USD/night depending on room class, suitable for the spending level of many groups of guests including at home and abroad.

The outdoor bathing area next to the pool uses 24K gold-plated tiles, faucets and shelves. 

In particular, guests can also experience the unique gold-plated infinity pool at the hotel’s rooftop. While immersing in the water, people can still enjoy the poetic scenery of Giang Vo Lake or the bustle of Hanoi’s streets. With an area stretching up to 225m2, this is the only outdoor four-season swimming pool and one of the largest swimming pools in 5-star hotels right in the heart of Hanoi. 

In a contemporary art space, the restaurant serves typical dishes of Eurasian cuisine along with the creative and unique menu of the Chef. The restaurant on the first floor of the hotel also offers a unique experience that foodies should not miss. Those are the famous gold-plated beef dishes in the world. 

The premium party with a menu of 24K gold-plated beef in whole pieces, from the famous Wagyu Tomahawk beef to the Rib Eye beef tenderloin of all kinds will be meticulously prepared by a team of professional chefs, helping guests to enjoy .

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