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Advice on cheap motorbike rental in Hanoi and important note

Knowing the Hanoi motorbike rental address helps you to be more proactive in traveling when visiting the beautiful scenery in the capital. There are many reputable and good price motorbike rental addresses in Hanoi, below are the suggestions that many tourists choose the most that you should not ignore. 

Top 5 reputable and good motorbike rental addresses in Hanoi

Please refer to the following cheap motorbike rental addresses in Hanoi below:

1. Motogo – the number 1 reputable self-driving motorbike rental address in Hanoi

  • Contact phone number: 0338 023344 (24-hour call center)
  • Pick up location: Hai Ba Trung, Tu Liem, Hoan Kiem, Thanh Xuan, Ba Dinh

[/b]Motogo is the first[b] prestigious motorcycle rental addresses in Hanoi to include. With the goal of always putting quality on top, when renting a motorbike here, customers are completely assured of the quality of rental cars. Motogo provides the latest quality cars to help customers feel secure during their journey. 

Advice on cheap motorbike rental in Hanoi and important note
Motogo is the number 1 reputable self-driving motorbike rental address in Hanoi

Note that when renting a motorbike in Hanoi with cheap price at Motogo, the customer will be provided with 02 helmets with 02 raincoats and a refill of 1L of gasoline. For riders, there are also free car repair kits along the road, a baga behind the car, and a lanyard. 

Price list for car rental reference at Motogo:

– Honda Wave: 120,000 VND / day

– Yamaha Serius: 120,000 VND / day

– Honda Vision 2012: 130,000 VND / day

– Honda Lead 2016: 160,000 VND / day

– Air Blade 2018: 180,000 VND / 1 day

– Air Blade 2015: 160,000 VND / day

2. Hanoi motorbike rental address: 13535 Motorbike prestige motorbike delivery to take place

  • Phone number for consulting and booking car: 0888 286 139
  • Car rental address: 55 Ham Long, Hang Bai Ward, Hoan Kiem District

Motorbike rental service in Hanoi 13535 is considered a reputable and reliable motorcycle rental address in Hanoi. For customers who rent a motorbike for 2 days or more, the car will be delivered to the place. There is a full range of vehicles for customers to choose from such as: Lead, Nouvo, Wave, Jupiter, Sirius, including Exciter 150, YBR 125, SuEn150.

Hanoi motorbike rental address 13535 Motorbike reputable car delivery to take place

Reference price list:

– Honda Wave series: 130,000 VND / day

– Honda Wave RSX series: 130,000 VND / day

– Honda Blade 110 model: 130,000 VND / day

3. Package car rental service at Tam Viet

  • Car rental address: 35 Lang street, Dong Da district, Hanoi
  • Phone number for booking car: 0943 990 886

Some of the advantages of the package car rental service at Tam Viet are: no deposit required, only ID card with driver’s license is required to rent a car. When renting a car here, customers will be provided with 2 helmets, lanyards on request, double raincoats and 1L of petrol. 

Package car rental service at Tam Viet

Reference price list: 

– For Wave, Dream, Sirius, Jupiter models: with a car rental period from 1 to 3 days, the price will fluctuate around 120,000 VND / day. If renting for 4 to 5 days, the price will be reduced to only 100,000 VND / day. Rent a car from 6 to 15 days the rental price is only 80,000 VND / day. Rent for 30 days, the rental price is only 50,000 VND / 1 day.

– For Yamaha, Nouvo, Sym, Attila Elizabeth models: car rental for 1 to 3 days, the price will be 120,000 VND / day, from 4 to 5 days the rental price will be reduced to only 160,000 VND / 1 day. From 6 to 15 days, the rental rate is only 140,000 VND / day, from 30 days the rental rate is only 100,000 VND / day.

– For Con models (Winner, Exciter): the rental price from 1 to 3 days will be 190,000 VND / 1 day, from 4 to 5 days the rental price will be reduced to only 170,000 VND / 1 day, 6 to 15 day rental price will be reduced to 150,000 VND / 1 day. Especially when renting a car for 30 days, the price of a car is only 120,000 VND / day.

4. Hire a prestigious Anh Tan motorbike in Ha Dong District

  • Address: 36 BT7, 19/5 street, Van Quan, Ha Dong, Hanoi
  • Contact phone number: 097 5675 296

Hanoi motorbike rental address in Ha Dong area, everyone can choose in Anh Tan. Rated as a quality motorbike rental with reasonable price with car rental service with prices ranging from 120 to 130,000 VND / 1 day, with a scooter, the rental price ranges from 160,000 to 180,000 VND / day. 1 day.

Rent a motorbike, prestige Anh Tan, in Ha Dong District

5. Nguyen Tu Motorbike’s prestigious motorcycle rental address in Long Bien

  • Address: 112B Nguyen Van Cu, Long Bien, Hanoi
  • Facility address 2: at 24D Ta Hien, Ward Hang Buom, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Contact phone number: 094 246 7674

Price level: for cars with prices ranging from 130,000 VND / day. With scooters, the rental price is from 170,000 VND to 180,000 VND / day.

In the Long Bien area, Nguyen Tu is one of the addresses with reputable motorbike rental service, fast procedures, good quality cars for rent. If you travel to Hanoi or go to work that requires a motorbike, you can come here to rent a car to like your journey.

Nguyen Tu Motorbike’s a prestigious motorcycle rental address in Long Bien

Some notes when renting a motorbike in Hanoi

To choose a good motorbike rental address in Hanoi and good price, you can refer to the following notes: 

– Please choose for yourself a suitable car. For example, what purpose do you use to rent a motorbike to travel around Hanoi or go on a trip. Depending on different purposes to choose a car that is right for you.

– Motorcycle rental experience in Hanoi, an important note is that you must thoroughly check the car before receiving the car. Check the quality of parts such as front wheel, brake, rearview mirror. If allowed by the vehicle owner, take a test run.

– Do not forget to contact the car before you intend to rent a car and where you want to receive the car.

– It is advisable to check vehicle documents and keep a safe speed throughout the journey.

– Have a deposit, ID card, driver’s license and some personal papers ready.

Thus, everyone knows more about the reputable Hanoi motorbike rental addresses and some notes to be aware of when renting a car. Hopefully with the above useful information will help you choose for yourself the “iron horse” like in your discovery journey. 

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