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The list of motorcycle rental addresses in Thai Binh

In recent years, Thai Binh has become a tourist destination receiving special attention from many tourists. However, for the convenience of moving between the attractions, as well as being active in the time, you should know the information and the address of this motorbike rental in Thai Binh.

1. Anh Tung motorbike rental shop

If you are looking for a reputable and cheap motorbike rental address in Thai Binh, Anh Tung shop is an ideal suggestion. This is a rental unit that is highly appreciated by customers, from the quality of the vehicle to the selection of diverse models, many types from digital cars to scooters. Car rental prices here are not too high, and depending on the type of car that will be quoted differently.

As for the staff at the store, the service is quite enthusiastic, always creating the most comfort for customers. There are also motorbike rental services for long and short days, depending on your purpose. However, one thing you need to know is that the longer the car rental period, the cheaper the price.

Anh Tung motorbike rental address: Located at No. 7, lane 17, Quach Huu Nghiem street, Thai Binh.

Telephone: 091 355 9626

The list of motorcycle rental addresses in Thai Binh
Motorcycle booth for rent at Anh Tung store

2. VINABIZ motorbike rental shop

There are many motorbike rental addresses in Thai Binh , but of which the car rental unit VINABIZ is considered the most prestigious. Here you will feel the professionalism, from the way the service staff, to the quality of the vehicle to always ensure absolute safety for customers when using the company’s motorbike.

Along with that, the staff at VINABIZ are also very energetic and enthusiastic. Therefore, after renting a car, you can consult with famous tourist spots in Thai Binh , as well as which route is the most convenient.

VINABIZ motorbike rental address: Located at 317, Tran Hung Dao street, group 30 p. De Tham, Thai Binh.

Contact phone: 0125 840 1111

Rent a motorbike at VINABIZ

3. Toan Vuong Phat motorbike rental unit

To mention the best motorcycle rental addresses in Thai Binh , surely you cannot ignore the name Toan Vuong Phat. In addition to good service quality, staff attitude is always happy, sociable, all motorbikes for rent in the store are regularly and periodically maintained. Therefore, the machine, the appearance of the car is always like new, bringing the luxury to customers when using.

At Toan Vuong Phat, there are many different car brands but are divided into 2 main types of vehicles. It is a digital car and a scooter, with an average price of 90 – 120k / car / day. According to Thai Binh’s safe and self-sufficient travel experience , if you rent a motorbike to explore around the city, you can choose a beautiful scooter. And if you go far, especially you have to climb a lot of hills, wait for a fool to ride the train. Instead, choose a gear car to always ensure safety during the journey.

Toan Vuong Phat store address: Located at 238, Ngo Thi Nham, Ky Ba, Thai Binh.

Types of rental cars at Toan Vuong Phat store

4. Rent a motorbike at Hoa Hong hotel

Hoa Hong Hotel is not only a famous accommodation for tourists, but also extends motorbike rental services too. Previously, car rental was only available to customers at hotels. But with the increasing demand for car rental, the hotel has expanded its scale and met the needs of everyone, including not renting a hotel.

Rent a car at Hoa Hong hotel you are completely assured of prestige, as well as quality. All vehicles are regularly maintained, replaced with unsecured parts, to always keep the safety of customers using the vehicle without any arising problems. Along with that, when renting a car here, you are also fully equipped with hats, hats, raincoats, … to help the journey of exploring Thai Binh tourism is always convenient. So, if you have not found this car rental unit, please pin this motorbike rental address in Thai Binh right away.

Address of Hoa Hong Hotel: Located at house number 352, Tran Hung Dao street, group 30, De Tham, Thai Binh.

Contact phone: 036 373 1024

Hoa Hong Hotel provides motorbike rental

5. Car and motorbike rental limited company

Known as the most prestigious car rental unit in Thai Binh. It offers car and motorbike rental services 24/24, so you can rent a car anytime. However, to save time, you should contact in advance to have the car ready for you.

Besides, the company is also considered a cheap and quality motorbike rental address in Thai Binh that you should consider. For each motorbike, the rental price is only from 80 – 150k / car / day. Depending on the quality, the car company and the rental period, there will be different preferential prices.

Car and motorbike rental limited company address: Located at house number 317, Tran Hung Dao street, group 30, De Tham, Thai Binh.

Rent a motorbike to explore Thai Binh

Note when renting a motorbike in Thai Binh

  • In order to be able to rent a car smoothly, there are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Bring important documents such as ID card, driver’s license, …
  • When renting a motorbike in Thai Binh, usually you will have to deposit an ID card and 300 – 500k.
  • When receiving the car, check if there is any problem with the vehicle such as: Throttle, front brake, rear brake, mirror,…. Because if you return the car, there is a problem with the car you will be responsible for the compensation.
  • If traveling on many steep slopes, rent a gear car to ensure it is safe to travel.
  • When renting a car, ask where the nearest gas station owner is. Because often car rental, they only leave a little gas enough to the gas station only.

Things to know when renting a motorbike in Thai Binh

With the above suggestions, have you found a motorbike rental address in Thai Binh yet? If ever used, please leave a review below the comments, to contribute to the completion of the article with Vinlove.

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