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‘Eat and roll’ at food streets in Thai Binh filled with delicious dishes

Check-in at the famous food streets of Thai Binh, you will immediately be mesmerized by this place with countless attractive dishes from taste and flavor. Coming to Thai Binh without doing a monumental food tour around the famous culinary streets of this country is a pity. 

Thai Binh always knows how to make travelers fall in love with billions of cute things, from warm, simple people to landscapes, landscapes, and long historical sites. But Thai Binh is not only that, this place is also a super attractive culinary paradise with countless irresistible delicacies that will make you fall in love with such as Sweet Soup, grilled hot pot, vermicelli, fish soup, snails… Guaranteed once Once you’ve entered the food streets of Thai Binh, you’ll have a hard time leaving if you haven’t made a few gifts here. 

Thai Binh not only has many beautiful scenes but also attractive culinary streets. Photo:@kriskhoanguyen

Discover the culinary streets in Thai Binh that make visitors fall in love 

1. Hot pot street on Nguyen Thai Hoc street 

Nguyen Thai Hoc street located in the center of Thai Binh city has a length of fewer than 500 meters, but it is an attractive culinary paradise for gourmets because it has a dense density of eateries that owner Mainly hot pot restaurants. That is why this Thai Binh food street is also known by the familiar name of grilled hot pot street. Check-in Nguyen Thai Hoc street, you will immediately be mesmerized by the fragrant aroma of grilled dishes. from seafood to shrimp and fish.

‘Eat and roll’ at food streets in Thai Binh filled with delicious dishes

Grilled hot pot is a specialty of Nguyen Thai Hoc street in Thai Binh. Photo: @lauwang.buffet

Stopping at a hot pot restaurant on the street and gathering with friends and family to enjoy a warm pot of hot pot, along with light, spicy and fragrant grilled dishes must be a great experience. Barbecue here is very diverse, all kinds from clams, bacon, chicken, beef, heart, kidney to boneless chicken legs… all are prepared and seasoned with spices. You just need to put the ingredients on the grill and wait to enjoy it right away.

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Barbecue is served with seasonal vegetables, which you can freely combine depending on your preferences. In addition, the hot pot dish on this street is also very attractive with its characteristic sour and spicy flavor, topping of all kinds for you to choose from. The price of dishes here is from 50,000 to 75,000 VND.

A variety of grilled toppings, priced from only 50,000 VND. Photo: @mr_hoangkim

2. Fish soup street on Hai Ba Trung street 

Fish soup is a very famous specialty of Thai Binh and you will not be surprised when there is a food street specializing in selling fish soup and delicious breakfast dishes that is Hai Ba Trung street. Along this food street in Thai Binh is a series of restaurants selling breakfast food from vermicelli, vermicelli, pho, and especially fish soup. Dish fish soup Pacific in this street nực by nutty flavor, delicious standard price chestnut again.

Come to Thai Binh to eat fish soup or go to Hai Ba Trung food street. Photo:@dingolong

The chewy rock cake, the sweet and fragrant broth, add fried fish, cooked fish, fried rice, and a plate of raw vegetables, and you have a delicious breakfast combo and a full stomach. Phuc Tuu fish soup restaurant is a very famous culinary address here, the shop sells a lot of dishes from fish soup, fish noodles to sprouted vermicelli for only 30,000 VND to 50,000 VND depending on the needs of customers. 

The street has many delicious fish soup shops, especially Phuc Tuu restaurant. Photo:@qs.watmo

3. Bun Cha Street, Mai Mi Bridge Street

This street intersects between Tran Hung Dao and Minh Khai streets, which is the paradise of Thai Binh fish soup. Particularly, the Mai Men bridge road is famous for another dish called bun cha, this is a place that no Thai Binh people do not know. On this street, the shops selling bun cha are close together and attract diners by the fragrant aroma of the spokes of grilled meat.

Mai Men is the paradise of bun cha in Thai Binh. Photo:@nagasawa8

The bowl of bun cha here is very full with vermicelli, grilled meat, fried beans, and dipping sauces. In addition, here you can also choose to enjoy many other delicious dishes such as vermicelli with shrimp paste, vermicelli or combos of all flavors with prices from 10,000 VND to 40,000 VND / serving. 

Noodle soup on Mai Men street is delicious in the North. Photo:@bachuaviahe

4. Sweet Soup street on Tran Hung Dao street 

If you are a fan of Sweet Soup, then immediately visit the food street in Thai Binh Tran Hung Dao, this can be considered the Sweet Soupcapital of the whole city with many shops selling this sweet snack. Here you can enjoy all kinds of Sweet Soupfrom Hue Sweet Soup, Saigon Sweet Soup, Cross canh Sweet Soup, Khuc Bach Sweet Soup, lotus longan insert, Cam glutinous yogurt…

Tran Hung Dao Street is the street of Sweet Soup lovers. Photo: diadiemnaunuong

The eye-catching Sweet Soup shops are displayed with all kinds of colors that will surely make you hard to miss. Sweet Soup is a popular snack, so you don’t have to worry about running out of your wallet and can enjoy it until you’re satisfied for only 10,000 VND to 15,000 VND/cup. 

5. Snack Street on Bo Xuyen Street 

This food street in Thai Binh is a paradise for foodies because you can enjoy the whole world of junk food here. There are enough snacks from popular to typical dishes for you to enjoy. The most prominent is the Bo Xuyen snail shop, which is decades old and has become a “legendary” destination in the hearts of Thai Binh students for generations.

Visit the snack street on Bo Xuyen street, do not forget to enjoy the famous snail dish here. Photo:@_oc.29_

In addition, there are other attractive snack shops such as Sweet Soup shops, fried chicken shops, banh mi, Banh cuon, Banh xeo… the price of snacks on this street is quite affordable, from 15,000 VND up to 40,000 VND/piece. 

Bo Xuyen Street also has many attractive snacks for you to “break the island”. Photo: @minhnha_eating_cooking

With the above food streets in Thai Binh, it must be enough for you to make a list for your food tour to discover the cuisine of your “country rice”. If you have the opportunity to come to Thai Binh, do not hesitate to “sweep” all the food streets above. 

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