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Marvel at the beauty of the “field” clam farming on Thai Binh beach

Whether the water is dry or at high tide, Dong Chau beach (Thai Binh) still attracts many “hunts” for pictures because of its idyllic and wild beauty on the “fields” to raise clams.

Dong Chau beach in Dong Minh commune, Tien Hai district, about 30km from the center of Thai Binh city, is home to vast clam farming fields, stretching like embracing the big sea.

Although not a beautiful beach to exploit for tourism, Dong Chau is a great place to cultivate and cultivate clams. Each clam field is cultured for 15 months and can be harvested.

On average, each “bowl” of clam will harvest about 50 tons from the 10 tons of clam seed dropped initially. When the season comes, each group of dozens of people work together continuously throughout the day to be able to complete a clam field.

The large clam watch huts are high under the sunset light, silhouetted against the water, creating a romantic and idyllic scene. Even when the water is shallow, the tide recedes to reveal the gentle sandy beaches, this place also becomes a source of inspiration for photographers.

Marvel at the beauty of the “field” clam farming on Thai Binh beach
When the tide rises, water from the sea begins to overflow into large clam flats. The brown fields of mud are gradually “dyed” green by the sea water.
People use the net to crank, divide the clam flats on the large sandy mud, creating a small path across the field.
The space is immense and expansive as if there is no ending point. The tall, tall huts stand out in the clam culture area.
Dawn light spreads all over the space, silhouetted against the sparkling water.
The villagers’ work to scratch clam depends entirely on the ebb and flow of the tide.
In summer, the water rises in the afternoon and withdraws when the night falls, while in winter the opposite. Only when the water recedes, revealing the gentle clams, did people begin to scratch the clams.
The boats carrying clam parked silently, swaying along the water canal in the middle of the field, creating a peaceful and romantic scene.
Magic beauty on clam farming fields at night. In the distance is the light of the fishing boats at sea.
Going through the fields is to the shrimp pond on Dong Chau beach. Depending on the type of canvas used by the people to cover the bottom, each box has a different color. The scenery of the shrimp pond viewed from above is like a giant, colorful jelly mold, attracting photographers.

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