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‘Note’ right away at the motorbike rental addresses in Tay Ninh with good service, super reasonable price

Renting a motorbike is one of the perfect choices to explore the beauty of Tay Ninh to the fullest. Let’s refer to the reputable and cheap motorbike rental addresses in Tay Ninh below and choose for yourself the best “iron horse”. 

How much does it cost to rent a motorbike in Tay Ninh?

One of the questions that many people are interested in when choosing a motorbike rental address in Tay Ninh is the price. Prices will vary depending on the vehicle type and service provider. In addition, car rental rates by day or by month are also different. Below is the price of motorbike rental in Tay Ninh you can refer to:

– Digital car: For Wave Alpha car, Sirius price fluctuates around 100,000 VND/day. As for S 110cc, Future, Jupiter, Sirius, Honda RSX, RS cars, about 120,000 VND / day. 

– Scooter: Mio – Attila, Click, Hayate, Elizabeth, Yamaha Nouvo RC, Honda Vision, Yamaha Luvias, Yamaha Nouvo 4… rental price is about 200,000 VND/day. 

Note : You should consider the need to travel to any place to choose the right vehicle. For those who want to move in the city center, you can rent a scooter. And if you plan to explore the best type of backpacking, you should rent a digital car for convenient transportation. 

‘Note’ right away at the motorbike rental addresses in Tay Ninh with good service, super reasonable price
The price of motorbike rental in Tay Ninh depends on the address and type of vehicle

Procedures for renting a motorbike in Tay Ninh

Procedures for renting a motorbike in Tay Ninh include: 

– Driving license

– Contract (two copies each party keeps)

– ID card

– Deposit fee

– Contract payments

In addition, you also need to prepare the motorbike handover procedure including Check if the engine of the vehicle is working properly, the brake pedal horn light, the degree of scratches and how long the rental period is (24 hours a day or up to the next count). until 24 hours the next day).

Procedures for renting a motorbike in Tay Ninh

Address to rent a motorbike in Tay Ninh 

Do you know of any cheap and reputable motorbike rental in Tay Ninh? Let’s “pocket” the suggestions for the best quality motorbike rental service in Tay Ninh below:

1. Thanh Hong 

– Address: 912, Quarter 1, Ward 4, Tay Ninh Town, Ward 4, Tay Ninh

– Contact: 02763823440

Thanh Hong motorbike rental facility is chosen by many tourists when coming to Tay Ninh. Besides motorbike rental, Thanh Hong also provides a tourist car rental services. Thanh Hong motorbike rental offers a variety of new models of vehicles, with all makes and models for you to choose from, from digital cars to scooters or high-class cars. Car rental price ranges from 100,000 VND – 200,000 VND / depending on the type of car. In addition, Thanh Hong also sells tickets to visit famous places in Tay Ninh for tourists when in need. Especially, when traveling with a large group of people, the ticket price has many attractive incentives. 

Thanh Hong car rental address 

2. Hung Vuong

– Address: 652 Cach Mang Thang 8, Ward 3, Tay Ninh

– Contact: 093 121 16 68

Hung Vuong is a reputable motorbike rental service in Tay Ninh famous for its large fleet of vehicles of all types for you to freely choose when exploring Tay Ninh. All vehicles at Hung Vuong facility are new and regularly maintained to keep visitors safe when traveling. The procedure is a simple, fast and professional way of working. After only a few minutes, you can rent a car simply to take the initiative to travel. In case customers have problems on the way, Hung Vuong service is always ready to support car repair in the fastest time.

Hung Vuong facility provides a variety of vehicles

3. New Quoc Viet 

– Address: Crossroad 4, Nong Truong Street, Phuoc Dong Industrial Park, Go Dau

– Contact: 0789 3979 83

If you are looking for a motorbike rental address in Go Dau Tay Ninh , you can refer to Tan Quoc Viet. Motorbike rental service at Tan Quoc Viet facility is highly appreciated for its prestigious quality and reasonable price. New car models, you can choose from such as Sirius, Vision, AB, Wave, etc. Besides good service, Tan Quoc Viet is also highly appreciated for its super good car rental price from only 80,000 VND/day, procedures simple. 

Tan Quoc Viet is chosen by many tourists in Tay Ninh

4. Phuong Tay Ninh motorbike for rent

– Address: 4/28b Kp5, Ward 4, Tay Ninh Town, Tay Ninh, Ward 4, Tay Ninh

– Contact: 0276 3824 728

Phuong is a motorbike rental address in Tay Ninh that has been operating for a long time and is trusted by many customers. Besides motorbike rental, Phuong also provides tourist car rental for tourists when in need. Simple procedures, enthusiastic advice and reasonable prices are the plus points when renting a motorbike at Phuong in Tay Ninh town that you should not ignore. 

Phuong Tay Ninh motorbike for rent


5. Royal 

– Address: 19, 781 street, Binh Hoa hamlet, Thai Hoa, Chau Thanh, Tay Ninh

– Contact: 0276 3824 728

Motorbike rental service Hoang Gia receives car delivery at any location in Tay Ninh when customers have needs such as bus stations, piers, attractions, … The biggest plus when renting motorbikes at the service Royal service is 100% new car, a variety of models for customers to choose freely. The price of scooters and digital cars ranges from 120,000 VND/day. Besides, when renting a car at the Hoang Gia facility, you are also given a raincoat, map and free 1 liter of gasoline.

Royal motorbike for rent

Notes when renting a motorbike in Tay Ninh 

To choose a reputable and good motorbike rental service provider in Tay Ninh, you should also know some of the following notes: 

– Should check the car before receiving it for any damage and report it to the car hirer soon. 

– Check the information on the car rental contract clearly about the time and price to avoid hassles when returning the car. 

– Do not rent motorbikes at addresses that only have a verbal contract or do not give a receipt but collect a deposit. 

– Ask carefully about the accompanying services when renting a car such as: Free 1 liter of gasoline, raincoat, map, support when the car breaks down in the middle of the road…

– In case of receiving the car in the required area, you should ask in advance whether there is an additional shipping fee.

– If you have time, you should go directly to the car rental facility to choose the type of car you like best. 

Hopefully, the above information about reputable motorbike rental addresses in Tay Ninh will help you choose the best facility. To have more useful knowledge for the trip, you can also “pocket” a super complete and detailed Tay Ninh travel experience . 

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