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Close-up scene of Asia’s largest Lady Buddha in Tay Ninh

 In the first days of the new year, tourists are excited to come back to Tay Ninh to travel to the spring in Ba Den mountain – the most famous spiritual destination in the Southeast and admire the “tallest Asian Buddha statue” on the roof of the South.
Close-up scene of Asia’s largest Lady Buddha in Tay Ninh

In the early days of the spring of Tan Suu, with the beautiful scenery, colorful flowers covering the top of Ba Den mountain, the people of Tay Ninh and tourists eagerly welcome the new spring under the grace of the Buddha. New spiritual works on the top of sacred Ba mountain.

The spiritual masterpiece is meticulously constructed at an altitude of 986m – which is known as the roof of the South, the conquering destination of young people, as a symbol of religion, spirit, wisdom and virtue.

With a total height of 72m, cast by more than 170 tons of bronze in accordance with European high-pressure mechanical engineering technology, the statue of Buddha Ba Tay Bon Da Son in Tay Ninh has set a record ” Asia’s highest copper is located on the top of the mountain “and” The tallest bronze Buddha statue in Vietnam is located on the top of the mountain “in the beginning of the new year.

Tay Bon Da Son Buddha at Ba Den mountain is designed based on the prototype of the Le Buddha statue, intricately carved with a plump, kind face, in the middle of the forehead with wisdom, the crown is engraved with the image. Buddha Amitabha, honors the Buddha’s diligent wisdom and compassion that spread sentient beings to the world.

In the midst of the green-green Nui Den, thousands of blooming flowers full of vitality in spring, Buddha Ba Tay Bon Da Son stands solemnly on a bronze lotus statue imitating the lotus statue of the Le dynasty, symbolizing purity and prayer. pray for good weather. This is also the place where people and visitors come back as a spiritual fulcrum between difficult days of epidemic diseases and pray for peace and prosperity for a new year ahead.

Close-up of Asia’s largest Buddha statue in Tay Ninh

On the spring tour to worship Buddha this year, visitors can also enjoy the wonderful nature of Tay Ninh from the cable car in the middle of the sky, or in the middle of a colorful “flower field” like the European sky. Sun World BaDen Mountain “chants” right on the occasion of Tet.

The lovely cafe on the top and the new Van Son buffet restaurant, just put into operation, not only brings great culinary experiences but also helps visitors to comfortably enjoy a long day exploring Ba Den mountain. entirety.

Close-up of Asia’s largest Buddha statue in Tay Ninh

In particular, the restaurant also has dozens of vegan dishes ranging from salads, breads, tea, fruits to main dishes and venues selling vegetarian rice, noodles, and vegan cakes to serve exclusively for vegetarians.

Close-up of Asia’s largest Buddha statue in Tay Ninh

Before moving down to the station at the foot of the mountain to take the Hang Chua Cable Car to Ba Bai Linh Son Thanh Mau Pagoda, do not forget to “mark” a meaningful New Year’s Day departure at the top of the 986m tower – the symbol of the main With confidence and confidence, to start a year full of energy and happiness!

Meeting the needs of sightseeing, early spring security for people and tourists, Sun World BaDen Mountain cable car system enhances operating hours: Chua Ba cable line operates 22/24 (except for 2 hours – 4 hours), Van Son cable line to the top of the mountain operates from 5am – 23pm. Van Son buffet restaurant is open from 10:30 to 15:00 and 16:30 to 20:00 daily.

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