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Why is Ba Den Mountain – the place with the highest bronze Buddha statue in Vietnam called “First Thien Son”?

Ba Den Mountain is located in a mountainous area containing many thrilling anecdotes from the past and has become a famous tourist area today.

On November 24, i.e. on the 1st day of the 11th lunar month, on the top of Ba Den mountain, a billowing cloud appeared in the shape of a “flying saucer” that fascinated many people. It is known that this is the phenomenon of lenticular clouds, which are not only circular clouds covering the top of the mountain, but also very rare stratified clouds. Because they only appear in mountains that reach enough altitude and are cold.

However, the fact that this lensing cloud phenomenon appears at Ba Den mountain makes it even more curiosity and surprising. What kind of place is Ba Den Mountain that makes visitors feel that the lenticular clouds appearing here are so magical?

Ba Den Mountain, a majestic mountain located in the cultural and historical relic complex of Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh. This place attracts many tourists from all over the country because of its charming scenery and contains many unique legends.

Why is Ba Den Mountain – the place with the highest bronze Buddha statue in Vietnam called “First Thien Son”?

“First Thien Son”

Ba Den Mountain is 986m high, is the highest mountain in the Southeast, is known as “First Thien Son”. Located 11km northeast of the city center, Ba Den mountain in Thanh Tan commune is a symbol of Tay Ninh people and sacred land.

The most famous tourist area

Ba Den Mountain has an area of ​​24km2 made up of three mountain ranges of Heo – Phung mountain and Ba Den mountain. This place attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world not only because of its charming scenery, but also as a place of pilgrimage to trust many people with the system of Trung, Ba and Hang pagodas.

At Ba Den Mountain National Tourist Area, major investments have been made, including the cable car system from the foot of the mountain to the top of Ba Den mountain with two cable routes with a length of 1,847m in just 8 minutes (from the foot of the mountain to the top of Ba Den mountain). mountain to the top) and 1,210m in just 5 minutes (the foot of the mountain to Ba Den Pagoda).

A special feature is that Ba Den station has an area of ​​​​nearly 11,000m2. Guinness World Records recognized this as the “World’s Largest Cable Car Station” .

Not only that, Tay Bo Da Son Buddha Statue – The tallest bronze Buddha statue in Asia located on Ba Den Peak is a place that attracts many visitors to worship. The statue of Buddha is based on the prototype of the Buddha statue of the Le Dynasty, standing majestically on a bronze lotus with a total height of 72m, cast by more than 170 tons of red bronze according to high technology.

Around the statue of Buddha are four majestic and dignified statues of the Four Great Heavenly Kings. The statue of Lady Buddha at Ba Den Mountain was set a record of “Asia’s tallest bronze Buddha statue located on the top of the mountain” awarded by the Asian Records organization. At the same time, this great work was also awarded the record of “The tallest bronze Buddha statue in Vietnam located on the top of the mountain” by the Vietnam Record .

Visitors when coming here will have many sightseeing activities such as visiting Ba mountain pagoda, participating in Ba’s spiritual festival on the 4th day of the 5th lunar month, visiting bronze Buddha statue, checking-in landmarks on the top of the mountain, hunting. clouds or Van Son station,…

Hiding the mysterious legend

People always wonder why she is called Black Lady. According to the book Gia Dinh Thanh Cong Chi , the original name of Ba Den mountain is Ba Dinh. Around the 17th century, the name Ba Den mountain appeared, then called the citadel to Ba Den mountain.

Behind that name is a thrilling anecdote that leads us back to the old source, especially the story of the girl who died in the Tay Son era because she kept her virginity.


Story of a virgin girl

According to Gia Dinh Thanh Cong Chi , it is said that, in the old Nguyen dynasty, there was a daughter named Ly Thi Thien Huong, the daughter of the governor who took over Trang Bang. Once, when she went to the temple on the mountain to make offerings, she encountered bad guys who were besieged and tried to rape her. At that moment, a guy rushed out to chase and save Huong.

That boy, named Le Si Triet, was orphaned by both parents, but he was full of martial arts. In response to saving her life, her parents promised to marry her to a certain Le boy. One day she went to the temple to worship, she seemed to have put all her luck in the last time to meet the boy Le Si Triet to save her life, this time, she encountered a violent oppressor who also tried to stain her. Huong, because she kept her virginity, jumped down the ravine to secret herself.

According to the old theory, after she died, she had a dream epiphany to the abbot on the mountain. In that dream, she appeared in a jet-black form. The monk went to find her body and buried it carefully. Since then, the taste is called the Black Lady. Later people to pay respect to her heart called Black Lady. Ba Den Mountain for that reason.

The “dua” fruit saved the hungry Lord Nguyen

Ba Den Mountain also appears in the book The Legend of the Holy Mother of Buddha Ba Tay Ninh that: Once upon a time, when the new governor came to this land to reclaim land, he brought two children with him. His son’s name is Thach Bien. Her daughter’s name is Thach Nuong, often called Danh.[b][/b]

When she was 13 years old, there was a monk named Trung Thanh who came halfway up the mountain to build a temple to worship Buddha. Feeling enlightened, she wanted to become a monk and did not want to get married, so she asked to follow a monk to study the Way. At the same time, her parents were looking for a matchmaker to marry her. Near the wedding day, she discovered that she was missing. Searching everywhere but only found a leg that is suspected to be Deng’s. The villagers then speculated that she was mauled by a tiger. The family set up a grave for her and buried her foot in the mountain.

Later, when Lord Nguyen Anh fled the Tay Son army, he ran to Ba Den mountain to find shelter. Strength and strength exhausted, both the lord and the soldiers were starving. In desperation, thinking of the sacredness of Mrs. Denh, the Lord implored for help.

That very night, the Lord dreamed that she appeared. She said that Nguyen Anh was lying under a fruit tree that could save hungry soldiers. Quickly waking up, the lord looked up at the tree branch and saw many small fruits. Picking down to eat the delicious fruit, the Lord commanded the soldiers to pick the fruit to eat to overcome hunger and thirst. This kind of hunger relief fruit is called dua fruit (king). In 1790, people returned to this place to rebuild the temple and cast the statue, then ordained Linh Son Dien and conferred her as Linh Son Thanh Mau.

Although the stories in the legend have many mysterious colors interwoven with many elements of fiction and reality, Ba Den Mountain is still a spiritual tourist destination that many people come to believe in and admire the scenery. .

Ba Den Mountain is also one of the symbols for the land and people of Tay Ninh, which increasingly adds to the beauty and prosperity of this place.

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