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Top 5 delicious beef restaurants in Tay Ninh when you hear it, you will remember it, when you mention it, you will crave it

Beef jerky is a specialty of Tay Ninh that every visitor wants to enjoy once. Let’s save the famous heifer shops in Tay Ninh below to enjoy when you have the opportunity to visit the “holy land”!

Heifer – famous specialty of Tay Ninh land

It would be a big mistake if you have the opportunity to travel to Tay Ninh but “forget” not to enjoy the famous delicious heifer. Heifers are cows that are still young and immature. However, this type of cow is not a young calf, but it is about 5-6 months old.    

In short, Tay Ninh heifers are not too young and not too old. The reason why beef jerky is popular is that it has a characteristic sweet and aromatic taste. In particular, heifers have thin skin and the meat is almost the same color as pork. Visitors can enjoy heifer in many places, but the most famous and delicious is still Tay Ninh. So do you know that Tay Ninh has a delicious beef restaurant ? Take a look below!

Top 5 delicious beef restaurants in Tay Ninh when you hear it, you will remember it, when you mention it, you will crave it
Tay Ninh specialty beef is delicious and famous

Delicious beef stalls in Tay Ninh

Here is a review of the most famous and crowded restaurants in Tay Ninh today: 

1. Ut Khuong heifer

– Address: 24 3/2 street, City. Tay Ninh, Tay Ninh

– Opening time: 10am – 10pm   

– Contact: 0276 3813 456   

The first address that you can refer to is the Ut Khuong heifer shop, although the shop just opened in 2019 but quickly became a favorite place for many tourists. Ut Khuong heifer shop is usually crowded in the evening or on holidays. The plus point of the restaurant is the spacious, airy space and the neat arrangement of tables and chairs.

Ut Khuong heifer has a spacious space

The menu of Ut Khuong restaurant is diverse with attractive dishes from heifers. Which, the most famous dish is beef and beef hot pot. The beef hotpot dish at the restaurant has a sweet and savory hot pot that is simmered from pork bones, beef bones or crab sauce. Hot pot is served with vegetables, full of noodles. Visitors can order hotpot combos at the beef restaurant in Tay Ninh Ut Khuong with all kinds of dishes including: Hotpot with sausages, hot pot with crab with beef, oxtail hot pot, fresh meat hot pot… In addition, the restaurant also serves all kinds of dishes. Drinks on request.   

Famous beef hotpot at Ut Khuong restaurant

2. Five-year-old heifers 

– Address: Nguyen Van Do, Ben Cau town, Ben Cau district, Tay Ninh  

– Contact: 098 750 24 20

Referring to the delicious beef stalls in Tay Ninh, the most crowded must mention the Nam Sanh restaurant on Nguyen Van Do street. Nam Sanh Quan is roofed into small leaf huts with a rustic countryside character. Each dining area has enough electric fans, dining tables and decorated with lanterns.

Nam Sanh heifer has a rustic space and is close to nature

What attracts visitors to Nam Sanh heifer restaurant is fresh ingredients and a team of professional chefs. The “cabinet” dishes of the restaurant must be mentioned: Grilled beef ribs, rare lemon veal, fried beef rolls, beef squeeze, banana flower beef salad, grilled beef ribs… The dish is seasoned with spices and beautifully decorated. . The price is affordable for many people. The shop is very crowded and is a familiar address for both Tay Ninh people as well as tourists near and far. 

Menu of delicious dishes at Nam Sanh beef restaurant 

3. Tay Ninh Nhat Truong heifers

– Address: 180 Trung Nu Vuong, Quarter 5, Ward 1, City. Tay Ninh, Tay Ninh

– Opening time: 9am – 10pm

– Contact: 0276 3829 481

The next delicious Tay Ninh beef restaurant that you should not miss is Nhat Truong restaurant on Trung Nu Vuong street. The shop has decades of experience specializing in serving beef specialties. Nhat Truong restaurant has a cool space and clean tables and chairs. The restaurant’s famous dishes are beef broth and beef hot pot.

Tay Ninh Nhat Truong heifer has a spacious space

Many diners appreciate that the food at the restaurant is well seasoned, mouth-watering and cooked hot. Especially beef hot pot with sweet broth and many side dishes. In addition, the restaurant also serves a diverse menu of dishes: rare beef with lemon, beef brain soup, oxtail soup… 

Delicious dishes from heifers at Nhat Truong restaurant

4. Minh Tan heifer

– Address: 148 Thuong Thau Thanh, Long Thanh Trung, Long Trung, Hoa Thanh, Tay Ninh

– Contact: 038 348 0049

Minh Tan heifer is always in the top of delicious heifer restaurants in Tay Ninh today. The shop specializes in beef dishes, including combos or grilled dishes such as: Grilled beef, sausage hotpot, beef brain marrow hotpot… The most famous dish is the sausage hotpot, each piece of beef bone is full of meat and tendons. irresistible soft and delicious. The hot pot broth is rich and the beef dip is very tender. Especially the marrow inside the greasy sausage.

Minh Tan beef is loved by many tourists

In addition, the shop is also very famous for its delicious and nutritious beef brain marrow hotpot. Beef brain is greasy and cleverly processed, so it’s not fishy at all. But to enjoy the dish, you need to contact the restaurant in advance. 

The plus point of the restaurant is that the food is fresh, there is no frozen meat and the meat is sweet and soft. Nhat Truong restaurant has a ready-made water stove for diners to bake, so it is very delicious and hot. 

Famous beef brain dish at Minh Tan restaurant

5. Tan Loc heifer

– Address: Provincial Road 784, Truong Mit, Duong Minh Chau, Tay Ninh

– Contact: 098 804 02 22

The next address that you can refer to is the impressive Tan Loc heifer shop with a close space of thatched roofs and rustic plastic tables and chairs. The shop is decorated with pots of Western typical chrysanthemums and lanterns. The shop serves all day, in which breakfast is mainly beef noodle soup and in the afternoon is dishes served with rice. The advantage of the restaurant is the airy space, delicious food and reasonable prices.

Tan Loc heifer has a beautiful design

The menu of the main dishes of Tan Loc restaurant is made from beef, including: Beef intestine, beef noodle soup, beef hot pot, grilled beef or boiled beef with rice paper. The plus point is that the beef is fresh, tender and retains its natural flavor. Besides beef dishes, Tan Loc restaurant also serves seafood including oysters, crabs, shrimp, squid…  

Attractive dishes from heifers at Tan Loc restaurant

Hopefully, the information shared above will help you choose for yourself delicious heifer restaurants in Tay Ninh
 and enjoy them when you have the opportunity to visit here! For more food choices when coming to Tay Ninh , visitors can refer to Which delicious breakfast restaurant in Tay Ninh is the hottest today?

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